Does this sound like a badass boxing movie idea?

Asked by: Adam2
  • It's about this

    Basically it's a well-renouned Italian boxer by the name of Tony Sperraza, hailing from Cambria. He's a proud neo-Nazi. He gets trained with the help of a fellow Italian tomboy, who's from even more south than him, from Sicily. He's up for a brutal challenge when he decides to go to one of the world's most racist countries -- Denmark. Upon arriving in Copenhagen, he is greeted with taunts and gets fruits thrown at him by citizens, which is condoned in Denmark. He goes to the countryside a few days before the fight to train, only to be chased by farmer's dogs, in a scene reminiscent of the dogs that Bull Connor unleashed to attack blacks. All across Denmark, citizens call him a "Wop" and a Nazi. But with hard work and perseverance he is stronger. In an attempt to take a swipe at Michael Glazer, I will name the guy who tries to fix the fight in the Danish opponent's favor the same name. He has connections to the Ku Klux Klan. The fight of the movie is one of brutality and testing of one's faith, being the Italian fellow is Catholic. As he is about to enter the ring, the Danish supporters of the opponent call Tony a Nazi, a "wop," and they boo and taunt him. At one point in the fight, the Danish guy has Tony brutally beaten in the eye, hence giving a temptation to quit. In this he sees a vision of the Christ of Abraham and Moses and one of Satan. Satan really launches lies saying, "You'll never make it you worthless wop." But the voice of God says, "Antonio, you can do it. Be strong. Trust in Me." And in that a surprising rise comes out of Tony in which he f--ks up the opponent, by the name of Henrick Johansen. He beats him mercilessly. He gives him a brutal beating nonstop. At one point, Tony says, "Come on you KKK motherf--ker, get your white a-- up!" And he continues with the jabs, til Tony finally wins. In the end, the fixer of the fight tries to insult Tony. Tony with a lot of cojones comes to Michael and, in a scene reminiscent of "Rocky V," punches Michael right in the face and says, "Heil Hitler, mother---ker" while doing it, with his fellow Italians cheering for him!

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