• Certainly! It is terrible.

    Nostalgia Critic said it is the worst thing on TV. He went on a rant in his South Park countdown, saying that if you are actually dumb enough to watch past this show in the first two seconds without realizing you are getting dumber, than you deserve to sit through the show thinking you are getting laid claiming to others you know how the world works, when you are actually feeling miserable. It is awful. It is like Propaganda. Celebrities deserve privacy. They are people. They may do stuff. But come on, why complain about stuff that happens to everyday people just because they are famous.

  • Leave them alone

    Just because they are in the lime light does not give people the right to say anything about how they feed dress or weight of them or their childre or them they entertain us and that's it we are not anyone to judge them til you walk in their shoes shut up hou don't know and pictures can be fixed grow up and leave people alone look in your own backyard and keep your nose in your own backyard i don't do this but it just struck me wrong do people have nothing better to do then sit around and judge stars and what they do just pitiful an pitiful margie in ohio

  • Indeed, TMZ is a terrible company, group or whatever they're supposed to be...

    Honestly, I couldn't care less about celebrities. They're often committing some crime or being a horrible role model, or just straight up producing crappy media. TMZ's basically looking into their lives and sharing anything that comes up, basically an invasion of privacy.

    In a way, celebrities kind of deserve what TMZ is doing. They're terrible people, so with the law unable to get through their endless supply of money to punish them for any crimes, TMZ's already there. But in the end, TMZ's so undescribably terrible that they've become their own archetype.

  • Yes, they do.

    Celebrities are people, too. I accidentally saw an episode of TMZ on tv and I felt the poison. No one should ever feel good about themselves by castigating another person. Fame doesn't make anyone different from us. They words are libelous, derogatory and mean. I felt like listening to rants of jealous people who just want to state a piece of insult. I hope that TMZ would stop its production. It is not healthy for the viewers to be exposed in this type of media.

  • TMZ over the edge

    TMZ seems to be in every facet and corner of celebrities lives. There is this thing called privacy and the right to it. TMZ pushes the envelope way too far when it comes to snooping. I, in part, blame them for some of the celebrities issues as they cannot get a moments peace.

  • Yes, they do.

    I have visited the site a few times and I have seen parts of their show on TV. They often stalk celebrities and their children and don't let them walk down the street without asking them very personal and sometimes even offensive questions. Celebrities deserve to have private lives as well.

  • Yes they do!

    They do, and so do many others! We forget that celebrities are human, they just happen to work in a career that they are known widely for. We don't like all of our dirt displayed for the world to see, even if we were well known, if anyone could put themselves in celebrities shoes, you would agree. Privacy and having a personal life is important to everyone.

  • TMZ does not go too far

    No Celebrity's have put their lives into the open on purpose. It was their choice. That's how they make a living is to be in the public eye and to be famous and well known. I do not think that TMZ goes too far into celebrities personal lives. They put information out their that people want to know.

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