• Thank types like Al Sharpton for this

    He's pumping up the black community to have self-inflated egos and that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. Just look at this video (https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=_crPDX9Ia6g). McDonald's and all the other ills of society. So yeah I think that there a certain group of people with overblown self-esteem. This may sound racist, but it's the truth

  • They think they are more than the sum of their parts.

    Yes, today's youth are way too impressed with themselves. They've been told they can do anything if they just put their mind to it. Wrong! An entire generation raised on non-competition, in organized sports where there are no winners or losers, because everyone gets participation ribbons for showing up. They are in for a rough time in the real world.

  • Yes, today's youth have overblown self-esteem.

    Yes, without a doubt today's youth have overblown self-esteem and it all leads to social media. With social media today's youth are able to be whatever they want to be and then you have other youth that will by into the image they portray on social media, which inflates their egos. Today's youth base their self-esteem on how many likes they get on Facebook and instagram and retweets they get on twitter.

  • It's the same that it has always been

    Kids only thing of themselves, that's just how it is. It hasn't changed, it's just more visible with all the modern technology and social media. You start out thinking the world revolves around you, then you go to school and learn to share. Then you try to get everyone to pay attention to you. Then you get out of school, get a job and mature.

  • Today's youth does not have overblown self esteem.

    Today's youth does not have overblown self esteem. Even though most teenaged celebrities out there do stupid things that make it seem like they own the world, most young people these days are really humble and give credit where it is due for things. They appreciate a lot of things in their lives and take very little for granted.

  • Today's youth does not have overblown self-esteem.

    Today's youth does not have overblown self-esteem. I think it is the same as it has always been and all depends on the parents. If the parents teach their children that they are better than everyone else then they are to blame for the self-esteem issue. However, the same can be said for the children with low self-esteem. I think it all starts at home and parents should be teaching their children how to behave.

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