• Yes, he is prejudiced.

    Yes, Tom Metzger hates the Dutch, because he is a white supremacist. Tom Metzger has a lot of opinions on race that are unconventional and considered racist. He is not shy about his views, and his views including hating the Dutch. Metzger hates many groups based on arbitrary characteristics, and the Dutch are one of those groups.

  • He seems to really have it in for them and South Africa, at least during Apartheid (1988)

    In a 1988 episode of Morton Downey's show, when Apartheid was legal in South Africa, he seems to really snear them. Apparently out of an act of love for blacks, he says, to a Jewish rabbi, "HOW COME THE STATE OF ISRAEL IS ALLIED WITH SOUTH AFRICA if you love the blacks so much?" It seems he hates the Dutch. More evidence for braindeads that Nazism and the KKK are very different. As for the Dutch it's kinda hard to say whether they would side the Nazis or KKK. It's very complicated. The Dutch suffered a lot under the Boer War, but then they go doing Apartheid, what England did to them. But yeah Metzger seems to hate the Dutch.

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