• Man was meant to be free.

    Throughout history, anytime man has had too little freedom,
    he has become frustrated, and found a way to fight for freedom. There is something inherent in the spirit of
    man that makes him yearn to be free and fight against oppression in any
    form. The caged bird may sing, but it
    can’t fly.

  • Yes, live within someone else's four walls and eventually you'll want to break out.

    Limits are boundaries, that's why they're called limits. Ask the parents of any teenager about how their kids, given a little freedom, eventually want a whole lot more. That's the thing about freedom, it doesn't exist well with boundaries. Humans are conditioned to grow, to explore and to (mostly) better themselves. We can't do that if we're restricted, it frustrates us. Freedom has to be boundless in order for all of us to succeed.

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