Does too much of our tax money go to the military?

  • What we're going to do with it?

    I would be content seeing 54% of tax money coming to the military if there was a real danger for the homeland(like wars near U.S. Borders or a big war looming). The only war U.S. Is probably going to be involved in is Syrian conflict (at least in the near future). Even if U.S. Is going to get involved in Syria it's not going to be flat-out war (maybe?) with troops on the ground. I don't think that this requires half of the U.S. National tax income. Yes, it served us well in the past ,but there's no imminent danger right now. By the way, cutting spending on the military would also help to solve the problem of America's huge debt.

  • Yes, we could makes cuts..

    NATO is a defunct military alliance and Cold War relic. The U.S. Is subsidizing these free riding European nations that spend a pathetic amount of defense - Britain and France are at 2.6% and 2.1 percent of GDP - Germany is down to 1.15% of GDP. In Europe, there are 116,000 U.S. Military personnel including over 75,000 stationed in Germany alone. I'm not sure but I think there are 73 American installations in Europe. We could close up shop and save our money. European welfare states can defend themselves if they aren't already developing Islamic republics. In Asia, much the same. Over 85,000 personnel and installations in South Korea, Japan, and elsewhere that can be closed and eliminated. It is absurd that our military must remain permanently entrenched n the Korean Peninsula for over half a century when they have modern military equipment on par with the U.S. And an economy 40 times larger than the North. You can point to other figures in Africa and the Middle East. We should focus on having a military that defends our own borders and people. There is ample room for cuts in spending.

  • What could we do with that money?

    Americans all over are having to join the army just to have hope of pressuring their dream that requires a collage degree but why do we need to risk our life just to go to collage and when we can go to collage after we serve we may have physiological problems that prevent us from seceding in every day life when we could use the money that goes to our government to make collage cheaper and more accessible to the poor and some of you may say that the people who have served are under paid but we would not have to have people go under paid if they could go on with their dreams on their own they could avoid so much conflict just if they could do it on their own

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  • The military wastes alot of money - why spend so much to protect something that is rotting because we don't have money to support it?

    You cut someone an almost unlimited check and they aren't going to care about how much of it is wasted. There needs to be more red tape on what is spent and audits on where the money is actually going. Efficiency is the name of the game and there needs to be consequences on money that is being burnt or funneled from mission critical expenditures. And for gods sake, we spend all this money on war and a low percent goes to treating the soldiers when they get back.

    With part of the money saved by smart spending and actually getting some ally's we could pay for the care of the veterans as well as a lot of other highly vital areas that is being completely neglected. And maybe if we stopped pissing people off, they wouldn't feel the need to go to war with us as much.

  • It is absolutely ridiculous how much money is wasted on the military.

    Not to say it doesn't need funds, but it also needs to be smart about how it spends. When you give something unlimited funds, the amount of waste it creates grows as well. And hell, why spend all that money to protect something when what it is protecting is rotting away because it doesn't have the money to support itself? We need to Ally up and share in the world policing. Cut military spending by auditing and actually price shopping. And for gods sake, quite running our ships into shit. We went from world power to laughing stock of the work.

  • More money overall.

    If we cut that 80 billion dollar budget to the military, we could have even more money to stimulate our economy and start to lower the national debt. Think about this, we spend more on the military than our own citizens, I find that near deplorable. With even a small fraction (think about 5 million) of the military budget, we could put it into a cause that should take priority, like the constantly under funded school systems.

  • What's the point?

    If there was a war between our country and another country, then it would be a sensible amount. However, there is no on-going war at the moment, not here anyway, therefore the military doesn't need that much money. Some of our tax could go to somewhere else, somewhere where that money is actually needed.

  • Our 54% is perfectly fine as is.

    If it wasn't for out military, we wouldn't be free and we would have to live in fear every day or our lives. Not only does our military protect us, but they also insure that we don't have to worry about our nations safety. Cutting back from the 54% of our tax money that goes towards the military wouldn't help any.

  • They should be paid more

    I feel that they are not being paid enough well not just the army but the soldiers they risk their lives every day for their country and footballers can earn ten times that much i don't believe they are getting paid enough for protecting our families and future children, how would they feel that were paying entertainers more than the people that fight for our freedom?.

  • It is going to a great cause

    People who risk their lives just to protect us should be getting enough pay for their people and them to thrive. So next time you pay tax money think about where it is going and why the military should get the money that they need.

    Thank you very much for listening

  • No, too much taxes does not go to the military.

    I believe that no, not too much taxes are going toward the military. I think it is very important to have a strong military to keep our country strong and powerful. There is too much terrorism in the world today, and our military helps cut down on that. Tax money that goes to the military is money well spent.

  • Our soldiers deserve the best

    Men and women spending any amount of time serving our country deserve the best. Making budget cuts to the military isn't a political thing. I strongly believe that any man that is willing to live in a hole, in the ground, in the pouring rain, getting shot at, miles away from home, and having to deal with the idea of "kill or be killed" deserve every penny we can give them.

  • It is going to a good cause.

    The tax money is not only going to the military for weapons and machinery and new technology. It is also going to our troops who are serving our country and giving us the option to be debating things like this, and giving us a voice. When you say tax goes to the military people automatically think that its not being used correctly. It is going to weapons, yes, and technology. But it's also going to new gear to keep the people who give us freedom, safer.

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