• Too much school can be devastating...

    While it is important to stay focused, and try to perform as well as you can in school, you shouldn't be forced to do homework, to the point where it can devastate a family and possibly ruin relationships with family members/friends.

    I had something happen like this to a friend a year or so ago. He became WAY too involved with school, he had all advanced classes, and usually brought home a stack of homework every day. Now, he has transferred to a new school, and he doesn't receive nearly as much work.

    Really, it comes down to how much you can handle. If you think you are up for it, perhaps you can take honors/advanced classes. However, just remember you will have to be A LOT more involved, as far as school goes. However, if you have a teacher who is deliberately giving you a lot of work, then you may want to request a schedule/class change of some sorts.

  • School hurts family life.

    Some kids when they get home have so much homework they can't even have a minute of free time. It is hard for the student to not have family time. If school got shortened it could cut back on teacher lessons they would probably cut back on homework. School can put too much stress and not enough family time. It is time we did something.

  • Too much stress

    When students are so busy doing homework for hours a day, They don't have time for anything else. Whether that be sports or family. In addition, The stress can make them irritable and more likely to not want to participate in family activities. Homework needs to be more heavily regulated.

  • Too much time taken away from families

    I think that homework takes too much time from not just families but from outside life too, you cant go out with your friends unless your home work is done you can play video games until homework is done you cant really do much with homework being involved. Homework also gives way too much stress

  • Because what if you wanted to do something with your family but you couldn't because of homework.

    Because it says homework may ruin your life and you wont have any friends or anybody because of home work would you like homework to ruin your life yes or no so stay tuned might say more but homework makes you stupid because of all the stuff you do you learn in class

  • It affects family time

    I think it's important because there are so many trivial assignments that teachers assign to their students when there students that need to focus on the standardized test that comes up. They could be spending time with their family and do something productive. They could also learn things that school never prepares them for.

  • Too much work

    The workload is too large for many students to handle. A lot more people are being introduced to "advanced courses" (myself included) meaning way more work. Not only that, but if the student has multiple classes, the workload is too much to do both work and social life with family. Along with this, I go to school every day, and I rarely see my girlfriend because we're constantly doing work. Thats just friends, family is more.

  • I do not think it affects family life

    I do not have very much homework on the regular school day, but i can see how if you have a lot of homework it would affect you. I dont have very much family life anyway im usually out and about hittin the town. But overall i dont think school gets in the way of the life at home with thine family.

  • If they don't do their homework they'll never be able to learn or understand what is being taught in school

    Homework Is a practice sheet so u can get better at doing like multiplication and division if u have trouble with it and the teacher doesn't really explain it then homework is always there to help you
    some students think that homework is just something boring, But it's also to make u good at math or any other subject

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