Does too much television hamper intellectual growth?

  • Inapropriate Things to watch.

    TVs might have stuffs that kids are not supposed to watch. Like for example some shows or movies have the word PG13(as in Parents Guidance for people below the age 13. Some may not listen and watch the shows that involve things that they are NOT supposed to watch like pornographic. The TV will also distract us and we may not do our work as the shows that you are watching are controlling your minds and you won't stop watching. And you might affect your studies if you watch too much Televisions.

  • Yes it does

    To be blunt I never thought this to be true. I am a teenager about to do some very important exams and my default position is in front of the tv. I used to be considered more intellectually advanced when I was younger, always attaining outstanding grades and pieces of work especially in maths and the science based subjects. I have now fallen somewhat behind and now are cramming in as much work but my brain won't absorb and store information and have dropped down two grades in the areas where I was once thought gifted. It is frustrating, this has also happened with a number of other people. I know that SOME documentaries can be good for studying purposes but they also include a lot information that is not needed and that is stored in child's mind. This can make the child forget the relevant information and that reflects in the grades. I am not saying do not watch tv at all but this should be minimal until after all exams are complete. Also Many documentaries are created mainly for people who have passed through exams and want to gain extra knowledge

  • Yes, too much television isn't good.

    The television only allows content consumption; that is, when someone is watching it, he is only taking information in, and not actively participating. With other activities, like reading or doing a craft, a person's brain is far more involved. It's important to use the television only for entertainment purposes, and to limit viewing it in order to keep our brains active and engaged.

  • If You're Watching Reality TV

    I believe too much television can hamper intellectual growth, depending on what type of programming you are choosing to watch. There are many intellectual and education TV programs, as well as documentaries, I do not believe they hamper intellectual growth. However, if you're spending all of your time keeping up with The Bachelor or Keeping Up With the Kardashian's, then yes, you are more than likely hamper yourself.

  • Yes it could.

    Too much TV could hamper a persons intellectual growth and make them not think very well after a while. That would probably be an extreme case where all the person does is watch tv though. I do no think just watching it for a bit each day would be a bad thing.

  • Too much television can hamper intellectual growth.

    It is bad for people to watch too much television beacsue it is a waste of time. Especially students should not be allowed to spend too much time watching television. It prevents them from doing their school work and socializing with people in real situation. Television is not good for kids.

  • Depends what sort

    There are many tv shows that can challenge and extend us intellectually. With the growth of technology there are an increasing number of TV shows which are creative, inspiring, witty, clever and all in all good to combat the other rubbish fed to us on technology. It just comes down to a choice between Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Sherlock, David Attenborough shows etc.

  • No I don't think so.

    I am been discussing this a lot lately with my family, and I don't think that too much television hampers intellectual growth. I mean maybe if the person watched it 24/7 and never slept, but other than that it doesn't really do much to a person. If they are watching nature and history shows they will even increase their intelligence.

  • No it does not hamper growth

    If a person watches television they could learn a lot or they could learn nothing. It is a matter of what you watch. If you watch educational programming then you are going to learn and grow intellectually. If you watch soap operas all day you may stunt your intellectual growth over time.

  • Television can help your intellect grow.

    Television watching does not hamper intellectual growth. When you watch television, you are continuing to expose your brain to new things. Intellectual growth can happen from all shows but especially historical, newsworthy, and educational programs. Intellectual growth only stops when you spend your entire lifetime in a closet or bed with no reading materials. Make sure you take labels off of all of your food items also.

  • Shows make you think.

    Although you could argue there are some shows which numb your mind, there's many which present an intellectual challenge. I'm not just talking about science shows or documentaries. Fictions and dramas provide insights into philosophical and moral questions, through characters and plots. And action, mystery or crime shows, where the character is put in a bad situation, are thought provoking. When you're watching a crime show, don't you try to work out who the killer is before they show you? Yeah. Part of your brain is eliminating suspects, rechecking evidence or designing theories to figure it out. Intelligence goes into creating these shows. And there are all types of intelligence which can be gained from them.

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