• There has to be a better mayor!!!

    Many are saying that mayor Rob Ford is a great mayor and that his personal activities don't reflect what he has done for the city. I disagree with that completely! The city of Toronto looks like a crack infested area. A mayor'a greatest attribute is to have responsibility, but Fords only excuse for smoking crack, was from being in a drunken stooper. I think he is a pathetic excuse for a mayor , and the government should have stepped in, in the first place and make him resign. I hope that all of Toronto have learned something from this event, and are going to vote for a different mayor this coming fall.

  • A world class city needs a world class mayor.

    Toronto is a wonderful city, and it deserves to be known on the international stage for something other than the antics of its crack-smoking mayor, Rob Ford. The city of Toronto, its elected officials, and inhabitants, need to do everything in their power to get that shame and embarrassment of a man out of its highest office.

  • Leave it to them to decide

    Citizens of Toronto should be the ones to decide whether or not they need a new mayor, and the people are largely split about Rob Ford; while some are appalled by his actions, others are indifferent/like him, and are happy with how there city is run. Anybody capable of doing the job should do so, regardless of how people view his personal life.

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