• I Think It Can

    I believe truly understanding information can outweigh a lack of accuracy. There are many things in our world that are subjective and don't include statistics. In these cases an understanding is more important than pin-pointed accuracy. However, there are far more situations where accuracy is the most important and should be considered so.

  • Yes, understanding information truly is better.

    I think that truly understanding information outweighs a lack of accuracy. I think it is only logical to think so. I think that it is more important that somebody knows what something is all about rather than just getting the details of most of it. I think that it is more important to truly understand.

  • Accuracy is part of understanding.

    Accuracy is part of understanding information. There will always be some errors, but if you really understand the information there shouldn't be a large lack of accuracy. You should be able to demonstrate your understanding well and do a good job in performing and explaining the information to others without a lack of accuracy.

  • We need accuracy.

    No, truly understanding information does not outweigh a lack of accuracy, because we need accuracy i the world. If surgeons understood how to do brain surgery but did not know how to be accurate, brain surgery would not go very well. Piloting is another key industry where accuracy trumps all.

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