Does Trump have a different attitude now that he has won the election?

  • Trump was born, for this very important time.

    He clearly is affective, remember he has entered an office, with certain responsibilities. America is a balanced power. Our government exposes the inner thoughts and options of its people. President Trump has set a new bar. He tweets because most of the people do. It keeps him in touch with a certain group of people who like fast communication. Nothing wrong with that. We have always had to consider what we say. It’s from the foundation of our DNA, President Trump is a great president , he understands our TIMES.

  • Yes, I think so.

    He is not so stupid as you make him out to be. Sure, he may have talked tough on the campaign trail, but, he is no hawk. He is not going to put us in a situation which could mean the end of the world. I can't stand him but he'd be a better choice than the criminal Clinton

  • Yes, Trump has slightly altered his attitude since winning the election

    Now that Trump has won the election, reality is setting in. Soon Trump will have to make the tough decisions faced by our nation, and take on one of the most stressful jobs in the world. He won the popularity contest, but now America is holding their breath to see if Trump lives up to his campaign promises. He is currently hiring his staff, which as a businessman, he has plenty of experience in, and while he is not ready to fully embrace the idea of compromise, he is also not gearing up to entirely repeal all of the policies he opposes.

  • He is more polite.

    Trump has been somber since he won the election. He has become serious and focused, except for one tweet about the New York Times. He is busy planning his head staffers and making decisions about who will run the government. He also has to set the tone to calm the riots and move the people forward.

  • No, Trump does not have a different attitude now that he has won the election.

    No, Trump does not have a different attitude now that he has won the election because he wants to maintain power. He will do anything he can to maintain power and he must appease the people who voted for him. Therefore, he will uphold all of his crazy beliefs for four years.

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