Does Trump represent a large portion of American voters?

Asked by: Scratch
  • I believe Trump had the intestinal fortitude to publicly state what so many Americans realize as truth.

    He's brash, he's boorish but he stated some real economic realities. Illegals cost us US taxpayers in excess of 50 billion dollars a year. Mexico's well educated are not what's illegally entering our border. They had no problem allowing tens of thousands of Central American's enter our country by traveling through Mexico, something no United States citizen could do without imprisonment there. He was right about China and Japan as well.
    What part of 20 trillion dollars in debt escapes us as being on the verge of economic collapse ? The lack of pride ,the lack of loving our country the disrespect we are treated with by the world is a direct result of the current administration as well as our economic instability.

    If the Bush 43 administrations adding 4.9 trillion was in obama's word's unpatriotic how on earth does he or anyone justify what will be 10 trillion in new debt incurred by him?

  • Yes He Does!

    He does not have to answer to special interest groups. Most importantly because of that fact, he does not have to hold back from social and political truths. Those that call D, Trump a White supremacist are clearly themselves self righteous, race baiting, ignorant individuals that clearly need to leave the "teet" of socialism and propoganda of national news sydicates

  • He makes the most impact with the middle class.

    It's at the point where the middle class is being overwhelmed supporting welfare, illegals etc. Trump has a good handle on exactly where the problems are coming from and how they need to be addressed. He has Common Sense. It's well past time to get a president that represents the backbone of this country instead of the special-interest gimme-gimme more free stuff factions.

  • Old, conservative, and white supremacy...

    Trump embodies the 'traditional', old, conservative, chauvinist stereotype. Many conservatives long for the day when women were second class citizens, as well as treating minorities with zero respect. It's a traditional old white conservative mentality to be a white supremacist as Trump clearly believes he is.
    Open hate is protected under the constitution but in the court of public opinion, social media is winning the fight and Trump sponsors are bailing out.

  • Think About This People

    He has said so many rude and bad things about people. There are so many reasons that he should not be our next U.S. president. I don't think Trump has a chance at all to be the next president because of all the harsh things he has said about people he doesn't even know.

  • Compared to other candidates, no.

    While Im sure there are thousands of people who are willing to vote for Trump, that puts him well below the other canidates who have millions willing to vote for them. Trump has already made outragous comments which will lose him huge parts of the electorate (comments about Mexican immigrants). I doubt Trump even has a chance and his little publicity stunt will cost him a lot.

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