• Trump seems to respect the First Amendment whenever it benefits himself

    Yes, Trump probably respects the First Amendment when it benefits him. However, he does not seem to respect the spirit of the amendment which affords freedoms to everyone equally. Unfortunately, Trump does not seem to be able to look at any person or situation in a way that does not center on him and how it benefits himself.

  • Donald Trump has no respect for ANY part of the Constitution!

    Trump has attacked the Press, on mosques, and a host of other institutions explicitly protected by the Bill of Rights. Mr. Trump's comments and conduct show that he has no respect or concern for the protections afforded by the First Amendment or any other section of the United States Constitution.

  • No, not for everyone.

    On a quick first glance, it would appear that Donald Trump is a huge supporter of the First Amendment. He loves having the ability to say whatever he wants, even if it's extremely offensive. However, when other people exercise their First Amendment right to free speech to criticize him, he suddenly changes his tune. Essentially, the First Amendment is something that Trump hides behind when he lies or says offensive things, but he doesn't seem to think that other people should have that right. This is one of many reasons that Trump should not be president.

  • No, Trump does not respect the First Amendment.

    No, Trump does not respect the First Amendment because he does not believe in the United States Constitution. He only believes in making as much money as possible. He will take down the First Amendment if he is given the power. He is someone we should not let anywhere near the White House.

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