Does Trump truly represent an anti-establishment movement in American politics?

Asked by: J.Debater1998
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  • This election came down to party lines.

    Despite the bizarreness of Trump's campaign, he did not ignite a national wave of "angry" conservative voters that felt "left behind" by politicians in Washington, D.C. Half of Republicans did not even want him as the nominee, even heading into election day. Less than a third of them actually describe themselves as "angry". He was elected because he pandered to the ideology of Republicans, just like Romney and McCain. Republicans voted for him because they feared Hillary's liberal ideology, not because she was an insider. He got almost the same number of votes as Romney. If he was truly leading a movement, he would've earned many more votes than the man that lost the election in 2012. He won because Hillary Clinton was depicted as a "corrupt" person by the media and hardcore liberals like Bernie supporters were turned off. They voted for a third party candidate (which earned a combined 4 times more total votes than independents won in 2012) or stayed home. Obama won 65 million votes in 2012; she won around 62 million. 3 million voters just didn't vote for the Democratic nominee.

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