Does Trump's campaign signal a change in the way campaigns of the future will be run?

  • Yes, campaigns will likely be run differently after these elections.

    Yes, many people are shocked that Trump made it as far as he has, and that he even may even win the presidency. They worry that he is unstable, narcissistic, and temperamental -- all awful qualities for a president. Because of these concerns, it is very likely that campaign reform will take place in a major way in future elections.

  • unfortunately it does

    Maybe not the campaign itself, which is generally regarded as poorly organized and not well run, but his brand and ideals have certainly taken hold. I don't think they're going away anytime soon. He's campaigning as an outlier and mobilizing based on angry dissatisfaction with the status quo. That's not going away, and the anger and racism behind this movement isn't either.

  • No, it was a fluke.

    Hopefully it was a fluke. The Trump campaign has been a parody of itself and hopefully no one will ever run a campaign that is ever that wild or crazy again. He was rude to everyone on the campaign trail and spouted more lies than Satan himself would. This needs to stop.

  • Trump's campaign will not be the campaign of the future

    I don't think America will stand for another presidential campaign like the one we've had this year. Both Clinton and Trump are not traditional candidates. Trump's campaign has been extremely out of the norm. I think it suited him in the primaries, but since he became the Republican nominee, his non-traditional style has not been working. I think people felt it was refreshing at first and now that he might really be elected president, it makes people nervous. I think the next election season will see a return to more traditional candidates and campaigns.

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