Does Trump's wealth prevent him from considering the needs of the working poor?

  • Yes, it does.

    In our levels of inequality, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Donald Trump is rich and not willing to raise taxes on the rich, and would rather cut taxes on the rich than help the poor people. His judgement is definitely clouded over by his wealth and potential greed.

  • Our world would be better if he shared his money.

    He's careless. He only cares about himself and his money. The world would be better and n less poverty if people like him cared about others too and donated. He's stupid and careless and only cares about himself. America is not perfect and he doesn't deem to be doing much to make america good again.

  • Donald Trumps wealth blinds him

    He does not care enough about america, america is obviously not in perfect hands no matter who the president is. I agree that Hilary is not the best either, but Trump is a sad excuse to be president in multiple ways. He spends money carelessly and talks about it like everyone has enough money. He says that he will get everyone more money but his suggested ways are not going to work. The economy in america is more realistic than what he talks about.

  • More to invest.

    Part of his campaign was about bringing industry back to the U.S. Unfortunately, so many companies took advantage of NAFTA and took industry and the jobs that go with them to foreign lands. These are jobs that had paid higher wages so when they left, their employees had to take lesser paying jobs. Clearly, bringing back these jobs will aid the working poor into better paying jobs and a better life. How does his wealth play into this? More companies in the U.S. for him to invest in. This is not just the manufacturing jobs that will increase but all jobs connected including construction and retail. With more money, people will want to upgrade their lives. Buy more stuff as well as more expensive houses. This makes all in investments rise including his real estate. Sure, he will make even more money but so will everyone else.

  • Wealth Does Not Necessarily Help or Harm One's Character

    I think that Donald Trump is not a compassionate man, but the simple possession of a large amount of green pieces of paper is not to blame. It's the fact that he hasn't spent time thinking about how he can help others that he has lost a great deal of his compassion.

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