• Not needed right now

    Sometimes a kind act/words may not be required when you think they do. I have a friendly neighbour who sometimes brings our bins in after they are emptied. This particular week one bin was broken and scheduled to be fixed. The instructions of the council was to leave the bin out on sidewalk to be fixed. So when I kept leaving the bin out the neighbour would put it back. I had to have a few words for him to leave the bin there until fixed.

  • It definitely can make things worse when help in unsolicited.

    Often times when someone tries to help when they are not asked to, the person they are trying to help will see it like they don't think they are doing things right, or they can't do things on their own. Sometimes if there isn't a problem to begin with, the person who is being helped can begin to think there is and create one.

  • Trying to help does sometimes make things worse.

    Trying to help does sometimes make things worse. This is just a part of life and we try to step in on some situations and help out but it does not always work out that way. I think sometimes you have to know when to step aside and let the problem work its way out.

  • Sometimes people just need a listener.

    Yes, trying to help sometimes makes things worse, because sometimes a person just needs a shoulder to cry on, rather than solutions. When someone just wants to fix it, the person can feel like they are not being listened to, or that they are downplaying the extent of the problem. A person needs to be a good listener before they are a problem solver.

  • It certainly can

    Anybody who can say they've never made a situation worse by trying to fix it is either a liar or somebody that never tries to fix things. Good intentions don't always lead to good results, I've certainly had my share of goofs by thinking I understood a situation better than I did and proceeded to look like a dummy trying to rectify it.

  • Thanks But No Thanks!

    Sometimes well-intended people think they're helping someone and instill their own beliefs and values as advice. However, no one knows someone else's life, thoughts, strengths and weaknesses. The best way to help someone is to listen, listen, and listen. And in the process it may be two people who are helped instead of one.

  • Yes, sometimes you just want sympathy.

    Yes, trying to help sometimes makes things worse, because everyone is a critic. Sometimes, people offer advice when a person really only wants someone to talk to. People also offer conflicting advice to people who are looking for help in finding a job, or dealing with a relationship. Advice can also be out of context.

  • Not always the case,

    It really depends on the situation and what the person trying to help does and/or says. I think most of the time, as long the helper actually thinks about what it is he or she is going to say or do beforehand, more often the not, the situation does not get worse.

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