Does trying to make your hair look good make you gay?

Asked by: observantcheese
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  • Why would it?

    Having nice looking hair doesn’t make you gay. Unless you are using gay to mean happy then yes. But I assuming you are referring to your sexual orientation then no. Having nice looking hair makes you look more presentable along with all of the warm feelings to match that look.

  • Making yourself look good does not make you gay

    My brother thinks that good looking people are gay. I strongly strongly strongly disagree. Making yourself look good means you want people to at least think you look good (even if you are very dirty). Nowadays people are too judgey-judgey. The bible said not to judge and he will do the judging if you do wrong and don't repent against your sins. So looking good shouldn't be something to judge. I spend 20 minutes a day doing my hair and moisturizing my skin and people compliment me. So don't judge people by their looks. Please.

  • Being gay makes you gay

    I absolutely hate the idea of "he looks gay" "she looks like a lesbian", etc. There is no 'dress code' for gay men - they are simply guys attracted to the same sex. Trying to make your hair look good simply means you care about your appearance, like many people do.

  • Makes You Look Professional

    Trying to make my hair look good makes me look professional, not gay. No one wants to deal with someone who looks goofy or unkempt. Everyone has their own personal hair style that makes them look polished and groomed. Making hair look good is just common sense--it makes for a cleaner person in general.

  • Nice hair doesn't mean you are gay

    I completely disagree that trying to make your hair look good makes you gay. Making your look good means you are someone who wants to look good and feel good. It has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. If this was the case it would be assumed that if you make your hair look horrible that you are straight.

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