• Yes it can

    Television can have a positive influence on children if you let it. However it is a matter of what you allow your children to watch on television that will affect the type of influence it is going to have on the child. Watching voilent shows is not going to have a good effect.

  • Yes, if guidelines are provided.

    Television can open a world of education to young children. It can introduce them to nature and show them places on earth they would never otherwise see. It can teach them concepts using fun characters. But it is up to a parent to protect his or her young child from the negativity that can be found there.

  • If The Proper Programming Is Shown

    I believe that television can have a positive influence on children. I think accomplishing this, leaves some work up to the parents. I think if you want the TV to have a positive influence on children it is important to check the content of what they watch and also make sure they watch educational program that was created for their age group.

  • It can have a positive influence on children

    Watching tv can be educational it all just depends on what they watch. There are TV shows specificly for children that teach subjects like math and another language. If children only speak one language as they grow up those tv shows help them develop their language skills. However, watching to much tv CAN have a bad influence on children . It all depends on the parents to keep track of what their kids watch and how much time they watch tv,

  • It can be.

    While I do agree that to an excess it can be bad for them, with the right balance it could potentially make them more intelligent, more knowledgeable about what's going on in the world, and far less likely to end up being injured physically or abducted. There are educational shows on the television, and there is also the news. It offers entertainment as well, which can influence the child to stay at home and watch cartoons rather than do drugs in the streets. Ultimately, it's up to the parent on how much television time their child gets, and what kind of programs they watch. We're in a digital age where a parent can control what their child sees, and how long they see it, all with the click of a button. So... Yes, it can be a positive influence.

  • Tv an afeect your child mentaly and mostly phisicly ;)

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  • TV is neutrally influential.

    I don't think that we can say that television is influential one way or another. I think that the TV is a tool and that it can be used for one way or another. It can be implemented as a positive influence or a negative influence, so it is up to the viewer.

  • TV doesn't have a positive influence on children

    TV does not have a positive influence on children. This is because most of the programming on TV is bad. The programming on TV is mostly garbage that doesn't enrich the minds of children at all. TV does have some educational programs, but it is mostly garbage, and thusly is a negative influence.

  • No tv do not have a positive influence on children.

    Television is bad for children because there are so many other things they could be doing (eg physical exercise, social life, school work etc) but instead they waste their time on useless shows. Initially, watching too much television leads to children or even people becoming lazy both physically and mentally. Rather than people becoming involved in a range of activities such as bike riding or playing outdoor games they instead stay back and peer at a television.

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