• TV hinders and destroys our ability to think for ourselves.

    I see it all the time. People staring glassy eyed into the magic light box for hours upon hours. They are in a trance state. They block everything out but what is said on television. If you try to tell them about something that wasn't on television they can barely even hear you. And if they do hear, they can't believe it unless they saw something on television to support it. Television watchers also get brainwashed by lies told to them all day. Then they wont believe truth.

  • Yes TV does hinder kids intellectual development.

    I think TV is detrimental to a child whose mind is not fully developed yet. I believe too much TV can make a child less social and more lazy. Instead of TV a child should play with friends or read more, it is better for children to use their imagination more.

  • Yes. Reading is better than TV.

    A certain amount of TV is fine as entertainment, and there are some shows that are definitely educational. But television, as the theorist McLuhan noted, is ultimately a passive medium. We just sit there and receive without having to do much mental work. Reading is harder work, but that means that we also benefit more from it intellectually. Reading is more of a workout for our minds than TV is.

  • As a whole no

    Television could hinder intellectual development if used incorrectly but normally it does not. The television is an inanimate object so it alone does nothing. However what ever shows you allow your kid to watch can have an effect. If you put on shows that are both entertaining and educational you will boost their development.

  • It is a medium

    TV is just a medium, similar to movies or print or the internet. There is nothing inherently wrong with a medium - TV would be completely neutral if nothing was on, so it can't be inherently bad. TV today is fine for children's development, depending on how much they watch, and when.

  • TV Does Not Hinder Child Intellectual Development

    My belief is that TV does not hinder a kid's intellectual development anymore than books or magazines. TVs can be used to educate and help a child's intellectual development as television shows can be educational, helpful, and creative. Like any tool TVs can be used improperly, and then perhaps they may hinder development. However just because a minority abuse TV use does not mean that television hinders kids intellectual development.

  • No, if used within reason.

    There are some wonderful educational shows on tv today and kids do well when they are exposed to them. And even some fun cartoons and light programming can provide a good diversion. However, tv should not be their only stimulus and the quality of the programming really needs to be monitored.

  • No, it doesn't have to.

    I believe that watching the wrong kind of programming can have a detrimental effect on a child, but that watching material that is appropriate, engrossing and educational can have a profoundly good impact on a child's intelligence and even well being. The programs that a child is exposed to makes a big difference.

  • A TV is a piece of furniture.

    It really depends on the show. Shows like the Teletubbies and SpongeBob are absolute stupid, but other shows on TV are not at all. TV really isn't all that much different from watching a play. Watching a funny show can actually reduce stress.

    Also, there are some TV channels like Discovery that take you to foreign countries, in the wild, the ocean, inside factories, science labs, etc., actually learning about how the world works.

  • Tv is bad

    Tv can be bad for kids who watch to much dont u agree u can watch to much tv and if kids dont become over weight they will eventually and they need sports activitys. Kids who play sports tend to have better grades to. Now please argue with me i dont care

  • Too much of anything is bad

    I do not think that television is hindering kids' intellectual development. Any evidence that shows this is probably with a child that watches a lot of TV. Too much of anything is bad for you. As long as parents monitor how much TV a child is watching and make sure they are watching appropriate shows they will be fine.

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