• Americans are more passive and fatter than before because of binge-watching TV.

    On average, American adults are watching five hours and four minutes of television per day (taken from nytimes.Com). That's the equivalent of 35.5 hours of bullshit per week. In comparison, managers in a company watch less than 8 hours of television per week. CEOs and other successful people watch only 1-3 hours of television a week. And to make things worse, the materials that American watch on TV are not something educational i.e. sports, comedy and entertainment. They are soooo engrossed in entertainment and sports that have no benefit to Mankind. No wonder the United States are lagging far behind China and India in education. Plus they eat big meals in front of their TV sets. Not just regular meals, but f**kin junk food!! Stats show that Americans are getting more obese after each passing year. Hell, did they know that watching TV is a sedentary activity? That will increase the risk of getting diabetes or heart attack. Chinese and Indians are becoming fitter because they spent a lot of time working some REAL JOBS that are both healthy and productive, not just watching tv (neither healthy nor productive) or playing childish sports (healthy but not productive).

  • Definitely, and we need to wake the hell up.

    Let's think about this, back when TVs were just coming out they weren't available in every American's household. In those days we were protesting left and right for our freedoms and rights and spoke out towards corruption. Now what do you see? You see people having daily access not only to TV's but computers, cell phones, tablets etc. People are more worried about celebrities lives, the latest episode of their favorite show, or playing flappy bird. We don't go out and fight for our freedoms anymore, we complain we don't have any but we're so dependent on technology and the idea that everything is going to be okay that nothing ever gets done. It's sad when you think of the FACT that America watches more TV than any other country in the world!

  • It sure does not help

    People sitting on their butt watching TV and not thinking for themselves is a problem in this country.

    I don't know what the best cure is, we have so many networks these days with so much programming over the airwaves that it's hard to get away from it at times.

    I think finding a way to curb TV use and create more active Americans is a great goal but not one I have any great idea of how to do.

  • Yes

    Americans watch way too much television. We are letting the world pass us by. Television has helped destroy family time and peoples ability to have a conversation. Instead of talking they just watch TV. Instead of finding out how the day was they ignore that contact and just tune into the TV.

  • Sadly.

    Yes, TV does make Americans too passive. I think this has a lot to do with ads. We learn to just kind of gloss over things and not pay too much attention if we are not interested. It is not a good habit but as long as TV exists I don't really think there is a way to avoid it.

  • Yes, though it is only part of the problem.

    Most Americans probably watch too much television and are not as active as they should be. But this problem is not with watching TV itself but with a culture that is gripped by consumerism and that uses TV as a way to lull the masses into inactivity except for shopping and entertainment.

  • No, they are just entertaining.

    No, TV does not make Americans too passive, because Americans are still the hardest-working and most generous people on earth. Television has done amazing things, such as allowed us to watch man land on the moon, or provided live reporting, like at JFK's funeral. Television brings the world to Americans. They are still the hardworking people they were before television.

  • No, passive people are just passive

    TV doesn't make people passive, it just gives passive people something to do with their time. It's perfectly possible to be an active person and have television viewing be just one of your activities. A person who watches TV excessively probably doesn't have much drive to do anything else or they would get up and do it.

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