• Uber steals from drivers and overcharges passengers.

    I am an uber driver, I had a passenger request a fare adjustment on January 9th 2018 of a trip that happened March 13 2017. It was $5,77. I have proof the trip happened but uber deducted from my earnings the same amount anyways. When i contested this passenger, all the answers I get was, "... Uber requires drivers to contest fare adjustments before a 10 day period...". I contested this january 14th 2018, and I am denied of the money I rightfully earned.

  • Freedom is a risky proposition.

    As adults we should be free to choose what services we use. The only people pushing for regulation are taxi drivers (and their bought politicians) who feel threatened by new market mechanisms. This is a repeat of the RIAA and digital music. Rather than embrace new technology these dinosaur businesses try to regulate or sue the new technology away. Like digital media over the Internet, peer to peer ride sharing isn't going away.

  • No Uber does not need more regulation.

    No Uber does not need more regulation. The state that Uber operates in requires that the company provide liability insurance and assume liability for the time the passenger is in the vehicle. There is no valid reason to impose additional regulations on the company and its owner-drivers. Otherwise there is not cost advantage over taxi service.

  • Uber doesn't need more regulations.

    One of the biggest problems in the United States these days is the fact of government stepping into more and more. It helps big business get bigger, but small business suffers. No, Uber doesn't need more regulation. It is a great program in ride sharing. It is helping pollution standards and helping people at the same time.

  • The problems Uber have been experiencing are not specific to their business model.

    There has been a spate of negative press about Uber hiring drivers who have engaged criminally with customers, including incidents of sexual assault. However, incidents such as these happen regularly with taxi companies including those with very strong vetting procedures - such as the London black cab drivers. If a vetted employee commits a crime it seems unfair to place liability on the company.

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