• U.S. antitrust laws are good for wealthy corporations.

    The United States has a bunch of laws specifically designed for corporations. Corporations proved early on that they would consistently act within their own interests with complete disregard for health, ethics or safety of the economy as long as it meant profits for that year. The antitrust laws simply limit their greed to a more manageable level

  • Yes, it does help wealthy business owners

    If your asking if it helps the businesses that these laws protect, then it sure does. It however does not help the people and pushes a more expensive product on the streets. If you look at Viagra it has no equal and wont for until it patent runs out, that is just one of a million medications of that sort.

  • The law serves no purpose.

    No, United States anti trust law does not help wealthy corporations, because it only breaks them up. It is hard for the wealthy corporations to predict what they are going to do that will result in their being blamed for anti trust violations. The corporations are walking on egg shells trying to comply with a vague law.

  • I seriously disagree

    The united states of America's antitrust law does not make corporations wealthy.The antitrus law was designed to protect the public, So weather these corporations get wealthy in the process is irrelevant, as long as the public is adequately protected and the the said corporation is not put at a disadvantage

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