Does unplugging your toaster when you're not heating bread really lead to significant conservation of energy?

  • Yes, I believe that uplugging your appliances when not in use leads to energy cost savings

    I've read up on saving money in your own home, and you always hear about turning off the lights when it's bright outside or if you are not in the room, turning off the t.v. or other electrical devices while not actively in use, but I've also read that having appliances plugged into the outlet, even when not in use, drains a small amount of energy on a constant basis. Unplugging your toaster, coffee maker, blender, mixer, microwave, t.v. chargers, hair accessories, etc. will as a whole save a lot on your energy bill. This will be less convenient, but will save in the long run. [Don't unplug your freezer and refrigerator though :) ]

  • Any appliance that is unplugged when not in use conserves energy.

    Maybe if one toaster is unplugged it would not make a great impact, but if 100,000 people unplugged their toaster it would create a great impact. It does start with one person changing, then everyone else changing as well. Energy conservation does need to be taken seriously, and it isn't at this point. And I feel like the masses won't take it seriously until it is too late.

  • Yes it does

    Yes, when any thing is plugged in to the wall and left if makes a lot of heat, and it is making the electricity burn a little all of the time. It is always good to unplug all of your things when they are not in use so that you save.

  • No, but it helps

    No, I do not believe that unplugging your toaster when you are not using it will lead to a significant amount of conservation of energy, but every little bit helps in this economy. Appliance pull energy even when they are not in use so unplugging them will stop this energy from being wasted.

  • I don't think it will help, and may actually make it worse.

    I don't believe it will make any difference. Most toasters consume little or no electricity when they are not working, so unplugging them barely saves any electricity. Plus the additional wear on the cable and plug from constant plugging and unplugging will lead to more toasters breaking, and the amount of energy to make a new toaster would be much bigger then the saving from unplugging.

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