• Gerrymandering for one

    The consequences of urban sprawl can be great. When people take their money out of an area and move it to the suburbs, they often relocate themselves into different counties or municipalities, and they can greatly reshape the voting body. The areas begin to gentrify into seperate segregated voting areas.

  • Yes It Does

    I believe urban sprawl does have political consequences. Each city and township in the United States has it's own local government or has assigned their powers to another local government. When a town/city experiences urban sprawl it can drastically change the political landscape depending on what barriers the spread crosses.

  • Urban sprawl has consequences

    Urban sprawl does have political consequences because more and more minorities will move out of the city centers and into the suburbs. This will allow more democrats to run for office and maybe win in the suburbs. This trend will continue to happen and it will allow some whites to move into the city.

  • Urban sprawl has an effect on political consequences.

    Those who can attempt to live far from cities, jobs, and public transportation tend to be more affluent than their urban counterparts. Those who are more affluent tend to be more conservative. Therefore, cities in which suburban populations are significantly larger than those within the city limits tend to skew more conservative.

  • Yes, but mostly positive.

    The major political consequence for urban sprawl is reapportionment of election districts during the census. This can lead to formerly Republican areas suddenly turning Democratic (not a bad thing, in my opinion). But I think it's a positive consequence, as the new districts reflect the needs and wants of the increased population.

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