• Believe it or not, Yeah.

    The USA is a former extension of Britain that soon realized that it was an Eaglekin. However, After becoming independent, He decided to become just a furry, With an Eagle as his fursona. Luckily, This was around the time Russia, Germany, And Germany's little sister all got their own fursonas (a Kodiak Bear and two wolves, Respectively). Once they developed super-secret technology, These four countries--America, Russia, Germany, And Austria--have become the first furries to exist. Although many countries proclaim their disgust, Other countries have joined in--for example, Botswana's now an African Wild Dog, Mexico's now a cockroach (he's really liking it), Turkey and Papua New Guinea are both massive Fruit Bats, And Kazakhstan turned himself into a nuclear warhead. More recently, The USA is trying to get his own harem, With the recent revelation that not only is Germany incestuous, But he's also intersex. As such, The USA decided that the best way to have fun was to invite Germany and Austria over for fun times. However, France, America's wife, Did not like this. As such, She got a divorce, Forcibly married Britain, And took India as her adoptive son. And that is why we're sending attack drones to France, Children.

  • WTF who thinks the USA is fake

    It is clearly real. If you don't like the US of A because of Trump ur an idiot. Trump is actually a great guy and a great president, And America isn't dead because of him. Make America Great Again is a great slogan and proves that America is real, And anyone who says it isn't is an idiot

  • I say Yes

    I live in merica. So doesteth thou. Maybe, Hopefully. Merica is da bestest of goods and d e a t h. W h o e v e r w r ote this is big gay like merica trump and yay happiness. What do you think. Huh u is big gay

  • It doesn’t exist

    That’s just a conspiracy theory, We all know that the continent of America doesn’t exist.

    That’s not USA, It’s called Japan. What we know as USA is just a theme park in Japan trying to replicate Europe.

    The entire continent was just an accidental tea stain in some ancient map.

  • USA is a massive joke

    It doesn't even exist, It's a bunch of lies that idiots created. Why would people even believe in USA, It doesn't exist at all, Some random jerk came up with that lie and billions are believing because they are dumbasses, Usually the same idiots who believe that the earth is round and that vaccines are good for your health

  • It is actually Australia

    The USA was a european isolationist experiment located in the then unused portions of what is now known as australia. We can see from the data that over time the isolated populations become unstable and lash out. It won't be long now until we bring this to a close and give the land back to the australians who have maintained the fences for so many years.

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