• Yes, I think so.

    It's really sad that a Rose Bowl finally gets the east coasters to see how great Darnold has been. This guy has been arguably the best QB in the country since he took the reigns in October. He had amazing game, but it isn't anything that he hasn't been doing all season. Alabama would have a hard time stopping Darnold . In understand the USC D didn't play great, but Penn state was aided by some lucky tips and some of the most one-sided officiating . Good to see the PAC 12 end on a high note.

  • He is a successful quarterback.

    Yes, USC's Rose Bowl victory guaranteed an NFL job for Sam Darnold, because he showed that he can succeed under pressure. Darnold is a quarterback for a very successful team. He will be an attractive pick for NFL teams. If he can succeed with USC and at the Rose Bowl, the NFL is in his sights.

  • No, Sam Darnold NFL job is not guarantee.

    Sam Darnold would not have a NFL job guarantee even if he leads a win for his USC football team win at the Rose Bowl because he is very young, only 19 years old, starting his college career. He still has a very long way to go before becoming an NFL player, he should finish his university career while playing for the university and become a better athlete, by then He will probably have many job offers.

  • No, NFL jobs are extremely competitive, so success in college is not a guarantee of a job.

    NFL organizations each have specific needs, and it is not a guarantee that Sam Darnold fits the need for every organization. Also, there are many other college coaches who have found success this season, so he will have some competition. Winning the Rose Bowl improved his chances, but it is in no way a guarantee of a job.

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