Does using the Internet mean relinquishing your privacy?

  • So much irony

    Every single conversation about privacy, online or otherwise, always seems to get adults up in arms. Cries for more freedoms and privacy are loud and clear. But ask these same people about privacy for their teenage son or daughter, and you'd think we're asking for the moon. Why is it so hard to believe that the creature who doesn't like the same things you do, and who communicates differently than you do, somehow still wants privacy? Remember, your teen is only a couple of years from flying the coop. Don't waste your time reading every single one of their texts, or tracking their every move. Step up, do some parenting and develop some trust.

  • Yes, in more ways than one.

    First of all, information about nearly everybody is available to people through the internet via social networks, blogs, etc, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the information about regular everyday people that you can obtain on the internet is information that the person themselves produces. You give up your privacy when using the internet in more significant ways than your social networking info. Most people do not know this, but the NSA (National Security Agency) logs every one of your emails into their massive database of personal information on everybody in America. This information does not stop at emails, it is thought that the NSA might also log all web browsing, text messaging, and phones conversations as well. When you use the internet, literally everything you do can be seen by the NSA if they so choose to look at it.

  • Yes

    You relinquish your privacy as soon as you start using the internet, it as simple as typing someones name on Google and all the information start to appear. Through Facebook, blogs, and other social media sites. Everyone has something on the internet, the privacy days are long gone everything is on the internet.

  • Yes, you're giving up your privacy by being on the Internet.

    When you submit any personal information online, even to a secure website, you run the risk of other parties having access to that information. Also, companies make a profit by advertising to people who have submitted their personal details online, so your privacy will always be compromised as long as there is a chance for a corporation to make money.

  • Big time

    This is how companies make their money. Ads are tailored towards you based on your online habits, in a hope to get your interest. You can keep some level of anonymity in most online actions and big brother isn't focused squarely on you, but some information about you is certainly being shared without your consent.

  • Hugely So!

    Yes, using the Internet means relinquishing your privacy. People do not realize how very true this statement is. The minute you log on, a multitude of web sites are immediately made aware of your presence and begin tracking your moves and reporting them. Your data is collected, organized, studied and categorized. As you continue visiting assorted sites, you will eventually receive advertisement emails based on your Internet preferences. And all you can really do about it is sit there and wonder how they got all that information about you.

  • Internet has its pros and cons

    One of the best invention on the earth is Internet, and it has changed our lives. I really don't think that there is privacy issue every time using Internet. Technology these days has made internet lot more secure. We should take advantage of opportunity, as long it safe and secure which it is.

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