• Yes, kids and adults alike mimic the behavior they see on screen.

    The first reason is medical. The screen flickers at a rate of 50~60~70~72~75 and up to over ~120 Hz. This deactivates the neocortex and the prefrontal lobe, leaving one only with the Reptile brain, to which seeing is believing.
    The second reason is psychological. Lt. Col. David Grossman is an expert on "Operant conditioning" ~ and he tells that dogs can be taught to associate a sound with food, aand so can humans associate violence with pleasure (in these games ~ if they can be graced with the name "games" ~ points are awarded for killing enemies, or when the enemies kill you ~ you lose.)
    The third and last reason is demographic. Most modern games are not marketed at the current generation, but rather the generation of the first appearance of video games (i.E. The 1970s~1980s) who are now well into their 30s. Most games are available as Downloadable Software. This means one can no longer control what their child might see. So most games get packed with free abuse for the children to "grok". And they only "grok" the "khorosho".

  • Yes, input equals output.

    Yes, video game violence affects the brain, because people act out what they see. If a person listens to classical music all day, at some point, they will start to sing the melodies. If a person watches violence all day, they will start to believe that violence is normal. They will not believe that acting violently is not a normal way to behave.

  • Everything affects the brain

    You could insert nearly any experience we can do as humans into this question and the answer would be yes. Everything we do changes our way of thinking, but no necessarily for the good or bad. Violent video games simply impart the problem solving aspect of the game on many people. Not everyone that plays a violent video game has their brain turned into something evil.

  • Everything we do affects the brain.

    Anything you do, anything you interact with will indeed affect the brain. As a form of entertainment, video games affect the pleasure center(s) of the brain. Our brain, which is connected to the rest of us, is intelligent enough to know the difference between a video game where you shoot animated characters for entertainment, and real life, where such behavior is forbidden and deadly.

  • It Is Stimulating to the Brain

    I believe that video game violence probably affects the brain about the same way that any video content does, it's stimulating, as far as entertainment purposes go. I do not believe video games of any kind have any lasting real impression other than their worth and value as entertainment. I do not believe violent video games harm a person in any way.

  • Video Games Desensitizes Violence

    Although sometimes not on purpose, video game images can desensitize people to violence. When blowing someone away, whether it be a human, alien or robot, becomes a common theme in someone's life, it can translate over to a real situation. The brain doesn't know the difference between an image in a dream or in a waking state, so why wouldn't the same be true of a violent video game and real life? Violent games are like training for real life--do it enough times and it becomes automatic.

  • No, video games do Not affect the brain

    While watching and playing video games can make the brain more acceptable to seeing violence and violent images, it does not come close to portraying how the brain reacts to real life violence. Video game violence is no different than television violence and movie violence. The brain may learn or become used to certain things it sees, it does not change the brain.

  • I don't think that video game violence affects the brain.

    I don't think that video game violence affects the brain. I played many very violent video games all
    throughout my childhood and I haven’t had any problems with violence throughout
    my life. I believe that playing violent
    video games is no different than watching violent movies or listening to
    violent music for entertainment. It’s
    just entertainment.

  • No and theres a reason

    Because half of the kids that play these kinds of games like for example halo,gta series, and the call of duty series does not have a serious impact on kids and will probabily not. Studes show that 85% of kids are not effected by video and other sites with dangerous criminal violence.

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