Does video game violence affect the teenage brain?

  • Video game violence does affect the brain.

    Video games affect the brain no matter what. This debate is about if video games affect the teenage brain at all, so if teens let out frustration with video games then they go into a calmer state of mind. Since video games help us see differences in color then we would learn about the different shades of colors, which would affect our brain.

  • Violence negatively affects the brain

    If we play or watch a lot of violence stuff we might learn to do that. I once saw this girl who was not old enough to drive in a high speed chase and when she stopped she said she thought she was playing gta5. So this is why it affects us negatively

  • Human is not lazy

    Due to excessive use of video games a child has only one way to relax your mind .It makes us lazy due to less physical activities.We gradually learn what we see or feel around us and in video games we see too much violence and obviously learn it. Like killing people, running from police, stealing somethin, etc....

  • Because it's bad for you

    It's a waste of time and teaches you bad habits and you can be violent eventually too. You can start using swear words and become lazy because you're going to be playing it a lot. You can start using this violence a lot which can lead to trouble. This is why it is bad.

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  • Video Games Is Not Real

    No video games violence do not effects a teenager brain because when they're playing the game its similar to having a virtual life and which means they actually cannot get charged for the violence. In addition to that it wouldn't influence young youth to do the crimes in reality. Cause in GTA terms "you will get wasted".

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  • This is a real problem

    60% of middle school boys and 40% of middle school girls who played at least one Mature-rated (M-rated) game hit or beat up someone, compared with 39% of boys and 14% of girls who did not play M-rated games. This just comes to show that teenage video game violence does affect the brain

  • No it doesn't

    I am not a person who normally plays violent video games, but my cousins do and my cousins are the sweetest people you will ever meet. If a kid acts violent and parents think it is the video game they are playing , it might be other issues like bullying or other issues like that.

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  • 1 Missing Crucial Fact

    You see the problem here is that those who are on the yes side only focus on violent stereo typical games such as GTA BUT they miss a crucial fact which is about the ESRB rating the fact that teens under 18 are playing games such as GTA are a results of the parent not closely watching what the ESRB rating if you are a parent and you go to the store with your child and buy GTA EVEN when the cashier asks you do know that this is for mature audiences and you say yes I know then it is your own fault that your child is aggressive misbehaving and or skipping home work to play an addictive game; games have these rating because they are meant for certain age groups these age groups are supposed to represent the brains development so if you have a teen that is 13 and is playing GTA you the parent are at fault.

  • No no no

    Because i am also a teen and i play all types of video games E-M but mostly M rated but i am one of the most kindest and funnest person in my grade i turn in all my homework and i make all A's in my class so i don't think that video violence affects the teenage brain.

  • We are mature enough

    Most teens are mature enough and can differentiate between what is wrong and what is right. Some of us just play video games to have fun when we are bored.
    Ex. I like and play GTA V but I do not go running to the middle of street and steal a car from a stranger.

  • I Doesn't Affect Us

    Most teenagers are smart enough to realize the difference between video games and real life. Besides, if they start acting like a specific video game character they can change attitude's when need to. The real problem is the annoyances within the games, if they become annoyed at a certain mission in a game they become hostile.

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