• Vigilance is cruel and unjust

    Vigilante justice is often a cruel form of justice and can often involve the person being beat to death by an angry mob; looking for blood because something happened to someone they don't know. When an air-traffic controller in Switzerland had no reliable radar, no phone and limited radio contact, two planes collided. One of the fathers of the victims shot the ATC although he actually had no control over events that happened. Vigilantism can go wrong. The law makes mistakes and even hangs the wrong man but after he has been found guilty by a Grand Jury. The fifth amendment protects this right and is violated when vigilante's take the decision to kill in the name of justice in there own hands. Because Vigilantism doesn't always have the benefits of proper investigation it is unjust.
    Vigilantism is a crude and un-evolved way of thinking. Maybe it was accepted back in old western times where people had to fight for themselves, but in our modern civilization? It's a nuisance and overall irrational to take the law from the capable hands of officers who work hard to protect us.

  • Vigilance does Lead to Good Governance

    Yes, vigilance does lead to good governance. Those who are vigil are always aware and always thinking. They are likely to be the ones who know what is going on and what needs to be done. This mean they are the most qualified to govern people as well in life.

  • Vigilance leads to good governance

    Corruption is rampant in the country and hence vigilance is required in all walks of life. If a person travelling by train doesnot have a seat he buys one . But if the person and the TC are responsible enough, neither the person would have paid for the seat nor would the TC expect money for the seat he would be alloting

  • Only Respecting Individual Liberty Leads To Good Governance

    The only good government is one that provides for infrastructure and handles large scale coordination tasks while respecting individual rights and freedoms. Vigilance has little to do with this, and can even work the opposite and get the government paying too much attention to private, personal behaviors while neglecting the important tasks the government was designed to handle like education, communication, national defense and global trade.

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