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  • Yes, people who are violent anyway get more violent with media support.

    It is not as if media violence could create those who are violent. But those who are tending toward violence and have unrecognized anger issues can be led into it more deeply as this sort of behavior becomes more acceptable and seems to be normal. It gives permission for this type of thing to happen.

  • Yes, violence in media impacts school violence.

    Children are still in a stage mentally where they absorb a lot of what they see. If a child constantly sees violence in the media, even if they do not want to be violent, will probably act out in some way. It changes their mind subconsciously, and more radically for the students that are less stable.

  • Yes, violence in the media impacts school violence

    Violence in the media has a definite impact on school violence. There have been several cases where violence in schools and other places have mirrored scenes from video games, movies, or television shows. The violence in various media also serve to desensitize those who see it often and make them more likely to attempt to duplicate things they have seen.

  • No, kids learn almost everything from their parents

    Kids are taught to be violent or to not be violent by their parents. Kids learn their bad habits (and good habits) from their parents and parents need to be more responsible for their children's actions. Before blaming tv or video games parents should take a look at themselves and see how much time they are actually spending with their kids and what are they teaching them.

  • It is not violence in media but violence in television programs and video games that impact school violence.

    Violence in media is kept to a minimum and, though sensationalized, is typically not glamorized. Violence depicted in television, movies and video games, however, tends to be glamorized. Criminals are often depicted committing violence with little or no consequences. This sends a message to young individuals that it is okay to commit violence, especially when one feels it is justified.

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