Does Violence in Video Games Cause Violence in Children?

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  • If your saying NO, you have not done any research

    "Classical conditioning is when a person commits a violent act enough times to make it a normal action. The more a person does any action, the more habitual, unemotional it gets. Where video games come into play is the operant conditioning used for military training. This is stimulus response and is very effective when it comes to flight training."

    The Army has been uses video game simulations to desensitize troop prior to entering into combat. So, if you don't think video game have some effect on the Psyche you might want to rethink your position.


  • Yes, violence in video games causes violence in children.

    It may not seem like it, but violence in video games slowly influences children's emotional and mental thinking. Once they start playing more and more violent games, they start getting more focused on violence. Their mind slowly starts bending to violent deeds. They start getting more used to seeing violence. Many children can also get really competitive and act violently when they see their characters acting the same way.

  • Personal and medical support

    In my opinion, violence in video games does cause violence in children. I have seen this in many occasions growing up. During first, second, and third grade, I went to school at a military base. Many of the children turned to video games to cope with the fact that one of their parents was deployed. Some of these video games were first-person shooter games. I remember that many of those who played these games were violent in real life. I once had to intervene in a situation in which one boy tried to strangle his best friend by hanging him on the inside hook of a locker.

    Most importantly, however, is that many psychologists have discovered that violent video games influence a child's developing brain. Violent games can cause young children to be desensitized to acts of violence in real life. Video games with violent themes glorify the acts of killing and maiming. Young children impressionable enough will begin to view violent acts as normal or justifiable because of the reward systems in these video games.

  • Depends on the age of the child

    The Age at which a child is exposed to gory and violent video games is an important factor to consider.

    Generally exposure to violent video games (if at all that's necessary) must be in their teens and not earlier. The mind of a teenager is more developed and is able to appreciate that the video games is for entertainment purposes only and not real life.

    Again, there can be exceptions!

  • The Media are just making an excuse

    The media is causing people to believe that violent video games are bad when they aren't. They are only bad for young children or anybody with a mental issue. I don't play violent video games, but the media loves to brainwash parents into believing that violent video games are bad.

  • No, I do not think so.

    If violence in video games causes violence in children, then why don't other things influence children in the same way? You don't see a kid running around yelling , "I WANT TO BUILD A TOWER!!" After playing Tetris. You don't see people throwing pigeons at bacon after playing Angry Birds. You don't see children murdering people just because they played Call of Duty, not unless they have a mental disorder.

  • No it does not

    First off, this wouldn't even be a controversial topic if some parents actually had some decency to not allow their 6-8 year old child to play Call of Duty. That's just common sense. Most of the time allowing a mid aged teenager play violent video games is relatively harmless. However when violent video games are a reactant of aggravating and aggressive behavior, it has less to do with the game itself and more on the child because something mentally hasn't clicked in their mind notifying them that whatever game they happen to be playing isn't real and that mimicking that behavior is unacceptable.

  • Re re re

    Although there is some proof of this in mentally challenged kids it is not the same for a normal functioning child (unless under extreme circumstances) most kids know that what you do in a game does not make it ok in real life. For most people playing violent video games is just a way to get rid of stress or anger

  • Video games are not violent

    Violence is the act of taking your anger out and harming someone. When playing a video game, you are not harming anyone unless you have your younger brother in a headlock like I do when i play call of duty. If you are not harming anyone your not being violent so this argument is stupid. Video games dont cause violence in real life as they dont cause violence in real life idiots.

    Posted by: sssb
  • It depends on the child.

    Video games do not cause violence in children if the children have a decent home background and a decent state of mind, I've been playing video games where you kill people since a young age, I've never had the urge to kill anyone in real life though although I am still only 14. Think about this, If video games inherently caused violence in children, don't you think we'd see a lot more violence in children in the U.S.A where most gamers live? Sure there are the occasional school shootings, or children killing parents (which we have no way of proving whether or not video games influenced them) but it is still very rare in the U.S at least. Mental Health and Home Background play a big role in this topic, so like I said, It depends on the child, but in most cases, no.

  • It depends on the age, but that's why PEGI and ESRB exist

    It all depends on the age. For me, someone of the ripe old age of 17, it has little to no effect, for instance; I could play 5 hours of Postal 2, murder at least a hundred in-game civilians, and not feel even a tinge of desire to do the same in real life. Teenagers understand the difference between fantasy and reality, and know not to do these things in real life. That's probably half the appeal of violent video games: they let you do things you wouldn't dream of doing to a real person.
    Guaranteed, it has more of an effect to younger children, as they are more impressionable, but this is why age ratings exist. Parents should NOT be allowing their kids to play M or 18 rated games when they're 10 years old. Why? They're impressionable.
    Responsibility exists, stop spoiling your kids and learn to say no once in a while.

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