Does violent video game increase violent crime ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Yes it does!

    I strongly agree that the violent video games could be very distractive which may lead to crime in the future. These violent video games are building kids to be more violent because they play a game with a goal of killing and hurting things/people. This is why violent videos games are violent.

  • It happened once, it can't be a coincidence!

    Hey remember that one guy that went crazy and killed people at his school? He played a video game once!!!! Videogames are LITERALLY 100% PROVEN to cause extreme behavioral changes in children that has a 86% CHANCE to develop into violent tenancies and serial killings in the future! WAKE UP AMERICA!

    Source: tubgirl.Ca

  • Violent video game should be banned

    All kind of media violence should be banned including violent video games,movies and books.It's an view bad example for society and portray woman as a weak gender.Violent video game has been blamed for school shooting,bullying,and violence toward woman.I didn't say you can't have fun but violence is not for entertainment !!!

  • Yes it does, but not drastically.

    People on the opposing side come with the extremes, saying that playing shooting games will not make people go shoot people in real life, that is true.

    Yet all the while we see from time to kids and teens becoming extremely pissed off and violent over these games, stressed out and violent individuals. This stress caused by these games' competitive nature is the root of the problem, not the headshots or the violence.

  • Yes it 's bad

    Numerous of studies proven that violent video game lead to brain change,it cause emotional desensitization and make us feel less sensitive to violence.This is also the main reason why school shooting such as Newton other tragedies happens.Saying that video game has no effect on us is stupid.Studies has proven it's is.

  • I believe so...

    I think it does, because kids could be playing a murdering or horror game and have ideas about how to kill or scare someone. They could learn how to win a zombie Apocalypse, and instead of thinking 'it is my mum in the shadow' they could think 'it is a bloody zombie'.

    Especially in America, where people have guns it can increase violence and give people ideas....

  • It's been proven already.

    There was a incident that the one guy killed his father because he prevented him to play games. Actually, violent game is involved in many crimes committed in the country.
    According to the reports, many students who play games too much can have trouble functioning in everyday life and confuse reality with cyber space. Violent games should be restricted.

  • Due to several school shooting

    It has been several violent incident reported link to video game especially in young kids,it can trigger crime in the future. Remember what happen in newton,where 26 people died ?Adam Lanza played violent games since he was a kid and it's also his mother to blame that allow him to play the game non-stop.

  • What's wrong with you guys ??

    Remember what happens in Newton,Columbien,Virginia,Auora shooting???All these shooters has admit they have practice shooting through spending hours and hours playing video game.You cannot ignore the fact because i can predict that school shooting will happen again if we don't realize the main cause.Yes it should be banned forever.It's very bad.

  • Are you serious?!?!?!?!?!

    Come on guys......These games children people play are MA15+ or even R18+ for a reason!

    A few years ago when I was 11, I went to my friends house and was exposed to COD, (MA15+) and I admit, it was pretty cool. But I understood why it was 15+, and why my friend was a violent person. This game had influenced his life negatively. He was 11 too, playing a 15+ game, and was being exposed to such images and violence that make me want to puke.

    If people come up to me and say that these horrible games don't influence children, read the facts guys. A few years ago, two kids, aged around 10, stayed up late the last night playing an MA15+ game and BOTH had nightmares. As a solution, they thought that going out to a mall and torturing a young toddler would be appropriate, because they had seen, performed it even, on this game they played the night before. In case you are wondering about them now, their lives are ruined, and the records will never go away.

    These games don't just make kids become violent, but arrogant too. Firstly, if the kid gets his wanted MA15+ game! He will feel invincible. He will have tantrums, smash the TV, force the parents to pay more money to repair broken controllers, and the kids will think this is okay. This then moves in to impact the kids lives and force them into being a bad kid. It's not worth it guys, it's just not worth it.

  • This has to stop

    Ok i've played video games pretty much all 20 years of my life. And guess what i have never even stepped foot in a police station. I haven't assaulted anybody, i haven't killed anyone. But i sure have virtually.
    I'm a 20 year old at uni studying to be a teacher for crying out loud. There is no link at all between videogame violence and real life violence.

    Educate yourselves, maybe play a video game yourself see how infectious they are. And in doing so realise that the link truly is false.

  • It obviously doesn't!

    If these video games truly caused people to be violent, then the number of crimes committed because of them would be much higher! There is many things to blame for violent crimes but video games are not one of those things. We need to focus on how to stop these violent crimes and not waste are time arguing if video games are the cause of this.

  • Video games don't kill people. People kill people

    There is no evidence sporting a correlation between violent crimes and violent video games. No study has proved that playing violent video games lead to violent crimes. People are just using video games as a scapegoat for problems that have been around longer then video games. There is a difference between a video game charter and a real person. People can determine the difference between a video game and real life.

  • The myth about children unable to distinguish reality from virtual reality.

    This particular argument has been thrown about so much without any evidence to back it up and in fact evidence to the contrary. Are there kids who are unable to tell reality from video games? Yes. They are called mentally ill. Why are you letting mentally ill people play violent video games in the first place? If you know your child can't distinguish reality from fantasy then don't let them play. Stop trying to push your idea of morality onto other people. Children make believe all the time. Are you going to tell me with a straight face that kids who are playing make believe as superheroes believe that they can really fly and shoot lasers out of their eyes? Look into the actual statistics and stop propelling this age old nonsense.

  • No No and No!

    Violent video-games help fight crime! Instead of taking out anger or violent thoughts (face it, we all do) on real people, we fight against people on things that won't make us serial killers. Video-games give us a space to be other people to see what it's like, not to train ourselves as killers or robbers. Human's main instinct is to be curious and learn, test out things, so it's better we do that in a fake world rather than the real world. People blame video-games because sometimes they can't face the fact that they created a murderer. My last point is that if parents are going to blame violent video-games then at least admit that you bought the games for them, 11 year old children aren't legally permitted to buying 18's, the parents have to for them. If an unknown source bought the game for the child then at least know what your children are playing!

  • OMG I cant with these stupid questions anymore

    Remember when you learned in history class that children had to be involved with actual war. That didnt even drive them crazy. In the Civil War they assisted with wounds. When they no longer participated in war efforts in that way they went on to work in factories where they had arms hacked off. They were fine, sure it was terrible thats not what Im saying. All I am saying is that videogames are a scapegoat for unacceptable violent behavior

  • Video games weren't the first things to have violence in.

    Video games don't cause people to be violent. The only chance of someone committing a violent crime because of a video game would be if they were already considering it and would need to have already been wanting or thinking of doing it for a long time. Video games have nothing to do with a person committing a violent crime and even if they do play a part in it the same thing could be said for movies, music, stuff like that.

  • No, unless there are other things involved in causing there violence

    Video games don't make people violent. If the person cant tell the difference between fiction and reality then it could cause violence, or if there the person had problems causing them to be irritated/violent then video games can make there anger worse. However video games dont have any effect on the majority of people

  • No way it doesnt

    I played games my entire life i would never even hurt a fly! Actually a study was done and gamers are usually more nicer then non gamers :3 so actually we are less violent XD which is funny because alot of people think its the other way around :D im a proud gamer lol

  • NOOOOOOO it does nottt! :0

    Video games do not lead onto crimes in future or make people violent. Yes people can get agitated during a game but I do not feel that a player playing the game is influenced that heavily by a game in which they play.

    People argue saying that younger people should not be playing theses games and how theses games are making people violent but why do you think there's a age rating of 18+? Parent who buy theses games for kids technically are to blame if there underage son or daughter is playing theses types of games and when a at is carried out of violence by them or by someone, immediately the blame is pointed at the game. I agree some games are extremely violent however I feel it does not increase crime and in fact I feel games like this are labelled. Some people who play this game could/are the nicest probably the most caring people you could meet and in fact probably wouldn't ever consider doing a violent crime. Labelling has tarnished violent video games and as gaming has become bigger it seems the gap between people understanding the joy of it, and the gap of people labelling and ignorance is increasing. The people who blame violent video games most likely may enjoy playing it themselves but if they don't fair enough. :p

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