Does violent video games have an effect among teens?

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  • A sponge get's wet when soaked in water.

    In the debate between the connection of violence among teens to the use of violence video games, I believe there is a connection. There is a connection of violence based on the way we absorb the qualities and attributes around us. It’s well known that what we spend most of our time on/with begins to shape and change us personally, including behavior. Both with a physical group of friends or a video game, the more violence we are exposed to or take part in becomes a habit. Therefore, if teens take part in violent video games and become accustomed to the, outward violence could be a connection.

  • Oh, it most certainly does! And among adults to!

    I have seen the effects of violent video games first hand in my own house! The more i played "cod" or modern warfare, i saw a double increase of bickering and fighting in the house from those who played/watched. I'm not saying whoever plays those game will become a murderer, but the games/movies have strong negative effects on the watcher/player. It does not make any logical sense for someone to say, "No, I'm to mature to let that get to me!"

  • Reality versus Fiction

    Of course any participation without moderation with express a distinct impact on an individual. However, assuming this moderation is present, it would be foolish to assume that an individual with a proper moral standing would be improperly influenced by exposure to violent art. The 'observational learning' is typically only present in younger ages of as young as several months, to as old as several years. So while unsupervised relaying of this violence is by no means recommended at this age, at older ages, once children begin to develop a sense of reality from fiction, it is virtually harmless. In the same sense we 'observe' history, we remain fully conscious of the morality granted unto us.

    -Former psychology student

  • Video games are entirely fictitious

    Any teen who turns to violent tendencies has a more deeply rooted psychological problem than just video games. This is why we need more mental screening for teens, to find mental disorders that may cause unsafe tendencies for both the teen and their peers. Violent video games are most certainly not the problem. Finally, it is the parent's responsibility to teach their child proper behavior, and remind them that video games are not real. The companies that make video games are doing so to make money. They are not to blame for violent teenage behavior.

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