• Begone you carriers

    Nearly every active person is at risk for carrying a disease. I am confident down there and will find some one who is also clean. I do not pay child support and do not to buy cheap medication to keep my body from rotting. O will be a parent in my own time and will have healthy children

  • Guguguvuv you ytyy

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  • Being A Virgin

    Is the highest level of accomplishment in life. You can only ever be a virgin once. Cherish these moments because regardless of whether any of you will ever be able to lose it, Because girls are gay. That is a fact because Ben Shapiro Said so. According to a recent study done in uRgay 69% of male virgins live happier because of the absence of cooties.

  • Virginity does not rock

    That being said, You can only be a virgin once in your life so make your first time having sex special, With protection and with the right person. . . Not some slut carrying multiple diseases. Being a virgin wasn't fun. . . No one ever really brags about being a virgin. It's more of something to tell your peers when they ask you. Its just OK being a virgin you don't feel like a GOD when you are a virgin and once people around you start having sex you feel left out and feel like you have to have sex. Don't rush having sex but if you are with the right person, I would definitely try to seize the opportunity. Losing your virginity is something that you will never forget and it is a magical moment, Even if the sex sucks, You'l remember it as a special moment in your lifetime. Virginity does not rock. . . Losing your virginity rocks.

  • It could be argued.

    That the highest level of accomplishment in life is becoming a parent.
    Plenty of time for that though. All that energy to off load so stop messing about. Today all options are available and widely acceptable, But keep it all smooth, Clean and well lubricated for uninterrupted fun. What could be more erotic than a delicious lady boy knocking at the back door or some girl on girl strap on action.
    In my opinion, All virgins are repressed w**kers.

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