• Yes, virtual worlds are destroying this one.

    I am wittnessing, first-hand, a child who is so wrapped up in creating characters and becoming those characters that she thinks she really IS those characters. Their lives are so much more exciting than her own that she's decided she wants to be a male character instead of living her own real life. It is dangerous.

  • Reality tv definatly distort reality because

    If they were living normal lives like we all do,
    Nobody will view the shows and therefore
    The show will have no views and have to be shut down.
    They put I to people's brains that lives like
    Are put on these shows are real an wil
    Happen when you are older; but obviously is
    Not going to happen. Therefore reality tv distort
    Reality as it's all a bunch of lies, because
    The show would be more interesting.

  • Yes, people forget what is real.

    Yes, virtual reality distorts reality because people forget what is real and what isn't. People who spend a great deal of time in another world forget what reality is in this world. They have warped perception of what is true and right and what isn't. These people lose touch, and often resort to violence or other crimes.

  • Yes, vitual reality makes actual reality seem unreal.

    The vivid nature and constant exposure of virtual reality makes actual reality dull, lifeless and less appealing. It distorts the real world, causing people to become more callous and indifferent to one another. It removes the humanness of life, leaving a coldness in its place that robs individuals of their own humanity.

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