Does voting for war in Iraq mean you will be a warmonger in office?

  • Lack of educating oneself creates a warmonger by default.

    A warmonger is defined as a noun: somebody eager for war or who tries to start a war. Prime Minister Nouri al-Mliki has stated that after the end of 2011 they didn't want or need any US military in Iraq. He felt that his country was more than capable of training and defending any threat may come their way. They have even held public debates and the people of Iraq feel the U.S. has no business remaining n their country. A continued vote of YES to remain in a country that has openly stated that they don't want or need the U.S. Military troops is a lack of concern or care for the people of Iraq. Its like rolling through a stop sign and getting a ticket. You step before the judge and tell him you didn't see the stop sign that is why you rolled through it. The fact that you were not paying attention and didn't notice the sign does not mean it wasn't there. It is the same in regards to Iraq. They put up a so called "stop sign" and have said that they don't want or need U.S. Troops. Any continued vote to maintain a war in Iraq is removing the freedom of Iraq and their choice to police and enforce their own needs.

  • Voting for one war, doesn't mean you will vote for another.

    No, I do not believe that someone who votes for the war in Iraq necessary qualifies that person as a warmonger. A person may see war as the only viable solution in Iraq, and just because you vote for war does not mean that you are a proponent of always war as the only justifiable answer.

  • No, the Iraq war was much more complex than that.

    Yes, there are people who voted for the Iraq war who are warmongers. However, just voting for the war doesn't mean that you are a warmonger--that's a basic logical fallacy. It seems to me that when the voting for the Iraq war there was a bunch of excess information that was presented to the voting assembly, and that information may have caused people who would otherwise have voted against the war to vote for it.

  • No!

    Just because you voted for war in Iraq does not mean you will be a Warmonger. If you supported the war in Iraq you did not simply support it because there was a war. You supported it because you believed the country was going there for the right reasons. Just because you supported one war does not mean you will support all of them.

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