Does wanting a traditional family make you sexist?

  • 'Leave it to Beaver' is fiction

    Wanting your wife to stay at home with the kids is both selfish and economically unfeasible in modern society. The stay at home parent ideal discounts the importance of your in laws / parents or of your siblings who are unemployed, who can perform that role. Also the majority of non-white and working class families in America have never had stay at home parents, even in the '50s. It also discounts the importance of extended family, adoption, step-parenting as well as the concept of raising children together with your siblings.

  • No, that makes you a family man

    A man wanting to work hard to provide for his family, and a woman wanting to raise her kids right is not sexist, that's how it should be. Not saying women shouldn't get jobs, but kids need to be raised, and two parents with full time jobs cannot raise a kid properly.

  • Not at all

    Wanting a traditional family does not make a person sexist; forcing a woman or man into your traditional family beliefs if they do not believe in them possibly can however. A good amount of people want and prefer a traditional family, there is nothing wrong with that. If both parties in the relationship agree to it then they should go for it without feeling sexist in the least.

    Posted by: jus
  • No

    Every one is titled to their own opinion and just because you want a traditional family does not mean you a sexist. It is what you believe in. It is what you think is best for you and the people that you relate to. That is the same for non traditional families also.

  • You Can't Help Who You Love

    Heterosexual love is just as important as homosexual love in today's modern world. Wanting a traditional family doesn't make anyone sexist. Denying the same equal rights for someone else to make a family as he or she sees fit makes someone sexist. There are no easy definitions of what a family is with adoptions, in vitro fertilization and surrogacy.

  • No, you just want a tradtional family.

    I don't believe that wanting a traditional family makes you sexist. If you are denying other people their right to have nontraditional families, then you are sexist. However, if it's just your own beliefs and your own preferences, carried out without infringing on anyone else's rights, then you're just doing what you want and can't possibly be sexist.

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