• Always cause problems

    All wars are miserable, And traumatic to the innocent families all over the world that suffer the effects of this armed conflict. These dangerous and devastational wars lead to poverty, As well as making millions of human families suffer. An obvious victim of war include the soldiers who fought for countries like America and Nigeria. Even if these veterans make it out of war alive, They still suffer emotional and physical pain. The violent combat of war does not solve problems, But cause conflict.

  • Yes they do create more problems

    After war, When the winning country celebrates, The other country is trying to get revenge on the country that is winning. Also when the country that is trying to get revenge is getting revenge on the people that died for them. So yes I agree that war creates more problems.

  • Yes Definitely bad

    Once a country goes to it uses the peoples money to supply them with weapons .Therefore at the end of the war each country that was involve in the war will suffer from economic problems. The people will suffer from uncountable problem such as shortage of food and medical supplies

  • Definitely yes they

    In the history of humankind its very rare for there to be a war that has many more negative outcomes than it does positives. If anyone can name 5 or more wars that dissagree with my point, than fair enough. Take into account the change in culture, weaponary, and civilians lost when replying. Good luck.....

  • War is bad

    In a war people can get killed and other will die. Family and relatives will die because of wars and other things that are happening at a war which is bad and you have to cry when someone in your family die which is a bad thing at a war.

  • Yes wars are bad

    Bad wars
    Here's a thought,

    Weapons development is often accelerated by war, for example would we have nuclear weapons now if the second world war had not taken place?

    Has the war in Iraq, whilst solving the problem of Saddam for the US created a few more in the long term?

    Also in the past when I have decried the amount of money spent on the military in times of peace it has been pointed out to me how much civilian life has been enhanced by technology specifically developed for military use. My thought is, how much more could have been achieved for civilian life if the money had actually been spent directly developing things for the people, might we have a cure for cancer, or AIDS?

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  • Yes, of course war never solves problems.

    War is something that those with an overabundance of testosterone or maybe the inner warrior archetype create in most cases. Except in cases of severe persecution and injustice there are always other ways to work out arguments and issues. War takes its toll in lives lost, chaos caused, and injuries that don't go away.

  • Wars are never a problem

    Wars can never be a problem at all because wars are fought between countries on basis of some big issues and problems never arise on those issues. Problems arises when people start hating other countries or even people of same country on pity issues like not winning a game and some pupils who do not have any work increase the hatred and so problem arise from there but war don't arise as wars were fought and are fought to increase their power or empire over a particular area and most of the people living in a country will not have any problem as their life will not change no Matter under whose governance they are...

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  • Yes, war creates more problems than it solves.

    During war many people loose their lives. Many innocent people will get killed and there will be lot of chaos in the country and it also make the country more vulnerable to other countries who might want to take advantage of the country for example like its natural resources. War is bad.

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