• War is a great activity

    If you enjoy watching a good boxing match then you should also enjoy watching a good war. Two sides battling it out shooting at each other to see which side wins! We glorify war with all our movies about it and secretly everyone loves war so keep fighting on.

  • Yes, war can promote progress.

    In an odd way, war can sometimes promote human progress. World War II was an example which most people would agree really did have a positive outcome for the United States, in a few respects. Women were able to work, and while they were asked to give their jobs back to men when the men came back from the war, it was true progress for them to work outside of the home. It also helped to get the country out of the Great Depression. And the patriotism gained was a positive thing, as well. Still, war has a lot of costs, so that is detrimental to human progress.

  • No it's not

    I do not think that war promotes human progress. I think it does the opposite. I think that war halts human progress. We are all human beings and we need to start treating each other with respect. We all need to work together to make further progress as humans and as a civilizations. Together we can accomplish anything.

  • Sometimes it does

    War can oromote human progress, but it depends. For example, war in the Middle East isn't really promoting human progress. It's a long history of back and forth hostilities with a lot of casualties. World War II somewhat promoted human progress as it ended the Nazi and Fascist regimes, but still with huge casualties and economic devastation. Sometimes war is inevitable, but it's generally not a positive.

  • No, it doesn't.

    It is barbaric to kill for no reason. If it is a land grab, then that is no reason, in my mind. Greed is not a good reason to murder other people. If the war is to protect ones borders and country, than it is obviously necessary to defend yourself, but you aren't going to progress very far.

  • It destroys human progress.

    No, war does not promote human progress, because war is something that is only destructive. Humans cannot move forward while they are busy fighting with each other. People have been at war with each other since the beginning of time, and it has never led to progress. If it did, at some point we would figure out how not to have wars anymore.

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