• Did he earn them?

    The fact that Buffet has those riches speaks volumes about the fact that he can both earn them and hold on to them. Any act of taking them away now would be called robbery or theft. Warren Buffet worked, sweated, and prayed, and it paid off, and no hick's going to say that he doesn't deserve those riches, so hand 'em over.

  • He is smart.

    Yes, Warren Buffet deserves his billions, because he made very good business and investment decisions. No one makes someone do business with a certain business. He obviously provided people with the service that they wanted. I can't fault him for working hard and succeeding. That is the American dream for everyone.

  • Warren Buffet deserves every last cent he has earned !

    Warren Buffet is one sharp and humble man. He has earned every penny of his billions. He deserves them and then some. The man still lives in his original home ! He is not a spend thrift, he is brilliant. Anyone who says he doesn't is simply jealous of him.

  • He earned it

    Warren Buffet did not grow up rich and he has earned every penny of his money through hard work and investing. His investing strategy of buying low and selling high is something more people should try to adhere to as it definitely works if you are patient. Warren Buffet deserves every cent that he has as none of it was just given to him.

  • He invested wisely

    While not every ultra wealthy individual deserves their money, the Walton family springs to mind, Buffett is an intelligent investor who has built a massive amount of wealth through smart business practices. For the most part, Buffett is even still a human being and not just a profit robot willing to do anything for his next million. Plenty of people who are rich deserve their wealth and Buffett is one of them.

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