Does Washington D.C.'s Juvenile Curfew Act of 1995 do more harm (yes) or good (no)?

  • Why u do dis

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  • Directly Unconstitutional Law

    This Act is a direct assault on the constitutional rights of a citizen even those that are under age. It should be repealed and the responsibility of child rearing should be placed on the parents. Although I understand the intent of this Act I do not agree the implementation and its results.

  • Criminalizes youth for stupid reasons

    The act has good intentions as most law passed. But this law has criminalized a generation of youth and gives youth an incentive to break the law. It doesn’t attack the real issues. Preventing children from being out doesn’t stop them from being out. Not only does this law require costly enforcement, it doesn’t effectively solve the issue it was meant to correct.

  • More harm than good.

    I think the ridiculous curfew act passed in 1995 did more harm than good. Not because of anything except for the fact that it cost the United States dollars it didn't have to spend. Made life as a kid growing up in the 90s a little more exciting though. I remember sneaking out and having to dive behind bushes and whatnot when cops drove by.

  • Yes: DC's Juvenile Curfew Does More Harm than Good

    The juvenile curfew of 1995 in DC is unconstitutional in the way that it restricts the rights of children to peacefully assemble. The kind of precedent that this sets is part of a larger pattern of destroying the constitution for our supposed protection. The result of the matter is that individuals are conditioned to unquestioningly accept authority and have their rights taken away. This trend, in a larger sense, fuels a sense of rebellion in the face of repression, and leads to both authoritarianism and destabilization in the face of such authoritarianism.

  • They have a problem.

    Washington DC's juvenile curfew act of 1995 does more good than harm, because Washington DC has a serious problem. DC's juvenile crime issues go beyond the typical problems that kids have who want to cause trouble. They were correct to get most kids off the streets so that law enforcement could focus on problems.

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