Does Washington need a comprehensive cyberwar strategy?

  • Yes, the United States needs to develop a comprehensive strategy for cyber-warfare.

    The Department of Defense (DOD) does formally recognize cyberspace as a new domain in warfare, joining the land, sea, air and space, and as being just as critical to military operations as the other four.

    The United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) was created to centralize the command of the military's cyberspace operations, organize existing cyber resources and to synchronize defense of U.S. Military networks.

    We need to develop similar structures on the civilian side of the fence.

  • Yes. Washington should have a comprehensive cyberwar strategy.

    Cyber attacks and wars are slowly becoming a real issue that needs to be thought about and planned for. It would be important in this day and age to come up with a strategy to protect ourselves against such attacks. There is no such thing as being too careful when you are protecting the lives of many.

  • Yes we do.

    We as a country and as a nation need to realize that the next big war is not going to begin with an invasion on our shores or a nuclear device going off, but by a massive cyber attack that will take down out economy and everything that we enjoy.

  • There needs to be something

    These cyber attacks are way too commonplace and it seems like we go "okay we stopped that one hooray" and go back to largely not caring. That's no way to do it, as if we keep that up, eventually somebody is going to break through. We need to not just thwart people trying to attack, but get them and prevent them from further attempts.

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