• Too many studies shows it does.

    These goes back to the one published in 1980 in the "Journal of Broadcasting." The results have been repeated in various studies around the world including one by Tokyo University in Sendai, Japan recently published (reported on Jan. 2014) which used MRIs to study the brains of 276 kids between the ages of 5 and 18. There is a definite change in the frontopolar cortex that is more pronounced with the average time spent viewing television. I find it telling that those who deny the effects on television on television can provide only personal opinions and no science to back it up.

  • Television can decrease brain activity.

    In a recent study by UCLA, children who watch more that 3 hours of television a day have been shown to have decreased focus, and less intelligence. While watching television you use less brain activity than nearly any other task. Watching television takes up time to do activities that are good for your brain like reading. While not all shows are bad, many are and are watched too much. In modern society television has been shown to hurt a persons intelligence by stunting emotional recognition too.
    Television, when watched at the frequency most Americans use, can cause decreased focus, analysis, emotional recognition and overall, a steady decrease in intelligence

  • Watching television reduces intelligence.

    Television can reduce people's intelligence. Watching television is a waste of time. The time that people spend watching television should be done doing things like reading or studying. Television is a commercial media that does not care about the welfare its customers. Television companies only care about making a profit.

  • Cause or effect...

    If you regularly watch TV at the expense of learning activities then of course it will reduce knowledge (not necessarily intelligence, which some may argue, we are born with anyway) but if it's part of a balanced life then I can see many advantages to watching TV (including learning ones if you watch the right things!).

  • It Can Go Either Way

    I believe there are just as many intelligent television choices as there are unintelligent. I think people who like to watch stuff like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, are probably losing intelligence, but there is programming out there that is far better. There are many documentaries and educational shows that can easily increase intelligence.

  • Television Hurts The Brain

    Unfortunately, watching too much television can diminish a person's brain in various ways. Too much television isn't healthy for the human body in more ways than one. A person might find themselves feeling a little slow or lacking. With that in mind, we need to reduce our television viewing by a few hours per week to avoid issues.

  • It does not.

    Watching TV does not reduce intelligence, While TV does not normally help one gain intelligence, it certainly does not diminish it. People who think that it does just wants to blame something for themselves or their kids for being dumb. This is their fault and they are the only ones who can change it.

  • Watching television does not reduce intelligence.

    Watching television does not reduce intelligence. I think that this depends on how much television that you are watching and what you are choosing to watch. Television should be enjoyed by adults and children but only in moderation. I do not think we should allow our television to become the main focal point in the home.

  • It does not reduce intelligence.

    Watching television does not officially reduce intelligence, however, it does have an impact on a persons attention span. While a person is watching television their ability to concentrate on other things goes down dramatically. Watching violent shows activates part of the brain that is not usually activated. Although none of this reduces intelligence there are legitimate reasons that television watching should be limited.

  • Too much educational TV only makes one more intelligent

    Educational TV will fill ones mind with information and knowledge. Too much trash TV may reduce intelligence. Entertainment news and sports and programs intended to keep one entertained probably do reduce intelligence. The mind needs stimulation and needs to keep learning. If one is on entertainment or sports too much, the brain probably becomes dull.

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