• Psychology study shows increased wealth makes people insensitive to others' feeling

    Having a lot of wealth makes one "independent" of others.
    Because these wealthy people aren't reliant on others , they are more insensitive to the surrounding people.
    The possession of wealth makes them feel proud and arrogant and "all-time" powerful. And so does the lust for more money grew bigger and bigger. That become greed.

  • Most wealthy people seem to have forgotten

    Of course, some of them never knew what it is like to not be so fortunate, as they were born into their wealth. Usually, those are the worse people because they cannot relate to what the average person has to go through to survive. They just think everything is so easy and that it is the people's fault for being in the position they are in. It may be for some people, but some people are really held back by the people at the top.

  • Yes, they no longer see reality.

    I think it does. Wealth allows someone to isolate themselves from everyday life. They increasingly only frequent places where they are treated as special, and given the best of everything. They no longer see the struggles and problems of ordinary people so begin to assume they no longer exist. This makes them insensitive to ordinary people.

  • Yes, wealth makes people insensitive

    The plight of the poor is one that those with wealth can become insensitive too as they do not understand the stresses faced with one is struggling to obtain the essential things needed to live. Unless a person experiences the inability to pay a bill, put food on the table, or heat the home, it is difficult to imagine how it would feel. Wealth desensitizes people to the reality of living in a consumerist culture.

  • It does, yeah.

    The reason why wealth makes many people insensitive is because it gives them a lot of power. Too much power. And, as we all know, power does nothing beside corrupt people and, in some cases, give them delusions of grandeur. Not only that, but they start to feel god-like because money controls so much.

  • Insensitive to what?

    If anything, Being wealthy may make people more sensitive to things like stocks, TSAs, IRAs and net working with other individuals.

    Perhaps insensitive and out of touch with certain classes of people. But at the same time, More sensitive and in touch with the economy and how to build and preserve wealth.

  • It makes them generous.

    No, wealth does not make people insensitive, it makes them more generous. Wealth makes people have more to use to help others. Wealthy people might not know how reality is, but they are sensitive to the needs of others. If you think about it, most charity groups are started and run by those with time and money to give.

  • It all matters who it is

    Everyone is different. This means to each person would react differently to money. To put everyone into the category of money making people insensitive is, well, weird? Wealthy people donate to charities. This is an example of sensitivity. They feel empathy and donate to a worthy cause. If they were insensitive they probably would not do that. So no, not all people become insensitive because of money. I do not like this opinion because it unrealistically categorizes people.

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