Does wearing school uniforms improve pupils' performance?

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  • It's a possiblity

    In most schools, there's a hierarchy in the social structure and part of that hierarchy is dependent on what trendy clothes the students are wearing. The popular students wear the expensive brand-name clothes, while the less popular wear not-so-expensive clothes. If students were all forced to wear the same uniform, there might be in increase in the self-esteem of unpopular students who might of been experiencing some level of duress from not being part of the popularly clothed group. Thus, they might feel more comfortable or have more confidence in the classroom, thus resulting in improved grades.

  • To unite and identify purpose.

    As I have observed first hand, students who wear uniforms have more time to consider their academics, not that their grades will increase. There is far less bullying between students as status and wealth are removed from the equation. In some cases, we wear uniforms to unite and identify, which is healthy for young people, such as with sports.

  • It contributes to improve their grades.

    In my opinion, it certainly does improve the performances. I used to go to a public school with no uniform provided, and I wasn't doing so well. The moment I set foot in a school which provides uniform, you could say my grades skyrocketed. The current generation of kids only think about what to wear the next day, how to impress the occasional crush, how to act cool. With all these ideas in mind, the average pupil does not have enough brainspace to store schoolwork data and other factors. Trust me, it certainly helps.

  • Yes, it does help in a way.

    Well, wearing a school uniform wouldn't contribute to just his/her performance, but would also boost the behavior and attitude which also play an equally important role in the development of the pupil. They're kind of inter-dependent like animals and plants. Wearing a school uniform would enhance the pupil's self dignity and it would give him a sense of being privileged to be able to study in school. This in turn would contribute to his academics and this feeling would hardly be likely to be felt if the pupil were studying in school that did not impose a school uniform. So yeah, it might not play a very significant role, but students studying in a school that had school uniforms would definitely have an edge over those students studying at a school where a school uniform isn't mandatory in terms of leadership, unity and academics.

  • Yes yes yes

    School uniforms make students less likely to bully or make fun of other students. H h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h b g g g g g gg g

  • Improves students lives

    Stops bullying, makes kids feel better about themselves, boosts self esteem and school spirit. Makes kids appreciate what they have more. Helps to eliminate the distractions that are created when kids use what they wear as a way of judging each other and setting their place in society. Eliminates distractions

  • Wearing school uniforms improves pupils' performance.

    Students have been shown to perform better when they wear uniforms as opposed to when they can chose their own outfits. Having the responsibity of finding your own clothes is a distraction for studetns. If they wear uniforms they can spend all of the attention on their school work and they will do better.

  • Identification between boys, girls and teachers

    Its help to identifying between boys/ girls students and teachers. While they assembly or group study, it's looking very nice with wearing of uniform. We can learn from that every body same students and everybody need to wear uniform whether rich or poor, Christian or Muslim, Buddhist or Chinese. Its make us to punctual by everyday wearing of uniforms.

  • One of the factors...

    Picking out clothes to wear each morning is stressful. Anyone ho disagrees is lying. There is the constant pressure of wearing something fashionable and attractive and the worry doesn't stop once you pick something out. When you get to school you take in everyone else's clothes and judge them, even if you're doing it subconsiously. In reply to the last opposing argument everyone I know that has gone to a school with a uniform has said they much prefer it to not having one. Although having a uniform is only one factor in how a pupil does in school it still is a factor.

  • Improves Student Grades

    Coming from a current Junior in high school, I do believe that it does improve students grades and attention in the classroom! Honestly, how many times have you looked at someone and said "Why are they wearing that?! Ugh!" just face it, everyone is judgmental in some way and high school students like to focus on what someone is wearing and judge them off that. While clothing is a form of expression, some girls & guys like to take it to the extremes and show parts of their body that should not be shown in a public high school, it's distracting and vile! Us teens will focus on those things instead of learning a new math lesson or whatever and our grades will be, shall I say, horrible. I believe that if everyone in the school environment is wearing the same clothing, there will not be AS BIG of a distraction. It would honestly improve my grades, because I know in the morning when I have to pick out an outfit, being a teenage girl is stressful and depressing. And sometimes I even choose to stay home because I do not like the way I look that day because of the clothing I were to wear that day. So if every girl is wearing the same thing, there would be no reason for me to feel that way! It would help to have uniforms.

  • To be honest with you...

    Gym uniforms lower performance because gym uniforms are uncomfortable. I asked a student what they thought and they responded saying "The material feels stiff, itchy, and non-breathable! When doing certain exercises or activities, my basketball shorts feel weird, because of this I can’t do the activity or I don’t do my best. My athletic leggings would enhance my performance because who wants to do gym in something that is uncomfortable." The student also stated that instead of wearing plain gym uniforms (basketball shorts, and t-shirt) schools should offer wider variety of gym clothes thus making it so student can choose what best works for them. I apologize for any grammar mistakes.

  • Uniforms can make them loose their since of identity, therefore becoming depressed and doing worse in school.

    Schools are already basically prisons (armed police present, security cameras everywhere, students are given ID numbers, set times for certain events which students have no say in, in some schools metal detectors) they would be even more so with uniforms. A sense of identity is important to almost everyone, which is shown by clothing better than anything else. Taking it away would cause anger and depression, and therefore lower scores. Plus, we should have the freedom to dress as we wish. Most of my school's textbooks are from around 2007-2008 (some as old as 1991) and the school doesn't have heat or air conditioning in all of the rooms, why don't we focus on and spend money more important things like that? Uniforms are just unnecessary and too restrictive.

  • Uniforms aren't magic

    Somehow, everyone in favor of uniforms seems to think that there is some magical quality of uniforms that improves grades and eliminates bullying. I am at a uniformed school and there is still bullying, people still get suspended, and not everyone get amazing grades. Those who think that uniforms will have a significant improvement need to see things for what they are.

  • Different clothes, same bad grades/ behavior

    If the only thing that is going to change at the school is the clothes, then very little is going to change. Clothes won't change a child's home life. Clothes won't change the fact that some kids are too mentally challenged too handle school. I am at a school with a uniform policy and there are still stacks and stacks of write up forms and students failing by the scores.

  • No it does not.

    I moved from a non- uniform school to a uniformed one. Bullying and discrimination was identical in both. Also, at the uniformed school people seemed much more unintelligent. I believe it has no effect on the educational process what so ever. In fact, i think uniforms stress you out. If you have ever had to wear them, then you understand. You alway are worrying about how dumb you look.

  • I do what I want

    Just because someone forces me to wear a uniform does not mean that my grade will improve or that I will, out of nowhere, become "smart." uniforms have no effect on how intelligent a student is, Especially if the student is a horrible teacher. In fact a uniform would most likely upset my peers more than any of the other policies we have. It is unjust and down-right rude of them to force this upon us.

  • It's Their Decision To If They Want To Improve Or Not

    Clothes generally did not effect students performances, Instead it's about them being focused on the task itself. I don't get how uniforms can improve pupils performance. It's their decision if they want to improve or not! Mostly the motivation to them succeeding is all of them believing themselves. So clothes don't have special powers it's just clothes so it be stupid to say that, pupils wearing uniforms improve their performance which is far from the truth about students improving.

  • Clothing a Scapegoat

    Status and wealth certainly are not removed from the situation. That hierarchy still exists. The fact of the matter is, the wealthier students will still have their expensive-brand name materials with them - namely jackets, hats, backpacks, ipads, cellphones, shoes, etc. More to the point, the richer students seem to have new uniforms every year, whereas some under privileged students will be wearing their older brothers' or sisters' hand me downs. The tell-tale signs of social structure are ever present in both systems. Uniforms do little, if anything, to reduce bullying in the school system. Also, there has never been any proven correlation between one's dress and one's academic performance. Sure a student doesn't have to spend moments picking out their outfit, but a uniform certainly does not distract the students from maintaining their appearance, and worrying about how they look. Besides, most young people are not concerned with the brand names as they were 15 years ago. Students now are more concerned than ever about their physical appearance, notwithstanding clothing - namely their weight, physique, nails, hair, etc. Uniforms are no solution for self-consciousness in students, nor does it have any affect on the social structure of the school.

    The bottom line is each preparatory school with uniforms are going to have their fair share of stars pupils, and their fair share of dropouts, drug addicts, trouble makers, etc. The same goes for any public school. The average prep. School may or may not turn out 'more' stars than an average public school, but it certainly won't be because of the uniform

  • As of my own experience

    Kids will always find things to distract them from school work if its not clothing, it will be something else.
    Also the idea that we only have a certain "brainspace" dedicated to work datas is completely unacceptable as scientists have showned that the human brain never works at 100% of its full capacity and as stated before me there is no correlation between uniforms and better grades.
    Uniforms is also a way of trying to make everyone look the same just like in the police and the army and erases any way of expressing differences and suppress your freedom of expression.
    I have been both in an uniform and non uniform school I can say this hasnt make the students any brighter or more open.

  • Kids will be distracted no matter what they're wearing

    Title says it all... If part of the argument is about potentially skimpy clothing, which I do not approve of, don't get me wrong, uniforms won't really help any. Teenagers are going to, for lack of better words, look and be interested/distracted no matter what clothing is being worn. It's just part of pheromones. As far as saying "They only care about what they're going to wear" (Hey, that rhymed!), think of it this way. What's worse; being distracted the night before school or the morning of school about what's going to be worn, or being upset all day at being forced to wear something?

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