• Yes it does!

    Weather and climate influences everything. From a sociological and psychological perspective,it can change a person's mood, affects people's recreational activities, plays a role in how people choose to socialize, and affects many other factors and criteria. I could go on and on, but different weather patterns and conditions definetly affect so many facets of life in the world that it is not even funny. Weather or not you want to admit it(my apologies in advance for the bad "pun".)!

  • Weather definitely influences people.

    It’s funny how the weather can change your whole mood. A rainy day can make you just want to stay
    inside and sleep. A sunny day can make
    you just want to go and have fun doing something outside. And, a tropical storm or hurricane can even make
    you get up and leave town.

  • Hot Weather Has More Murders

    Hot weather makes people more hotheaded and the murder rate increases. When weather is colder and people stay indoors, the murder rate goes down. People evacuate during hurricanes, take shelter during tornadoes and use less water in times of drought. Weather influences people all the time and it proves humans are not above their natural world as much as we would like to think we are.

  • It depends on your mood

    The weather does not influence in people, it doesn't mean if you are sad after a heart killing break-up, it'll rain in your honour and if you're having the best day of your life, the sun won't shine the day away. So if you're happy on a rainy day, YOU ARE HAPPY, and if you're sad on the brightest day of the year, YOU ARE SAD!, so my point and opinion of this topic, it's up to you how YOU feel.

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