Does Wendy Davis deserve more votes then Greg abbott

Asked by: moneystacker
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  • Equality between men and women!

    I think they deserve the same number of votes to make it equal between men and women. If one gets more than the other then it's unequal and not good for society so they should get the same number and then our society will be healthier for it. I hope it goes that way.

  • I don't agree

    I prefer Greg abbot because more experience in political field so i trust him more. Also wendy davis is asugar daddy!!! Had a bae pay for her college in Harvard and then dumped him!!! So yeah i prefer Greg i admit Wendy Davis has interesting ideas for women but that's the only prop i have fer her, I feel like Greg could do better for the economy overall, Rick perry did a good job job/economy wise and i feel like Greg could start where Rick left off.

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