• Wendy Davis' filibuster does matter.

    Wendy Davis' filibuster does matter. I believe this because it proves that she is not going to go anywhere and she will fight for any argument that she deems to be important. She had to go twelve hours continuously talking, not going to the bathroom, and not even taking a sip of water and had to stay on topic. That takes dedication and I am glad there are people that are willing to fight the system for what they believe is important.

  • Someone Must Stand Up for Those Who are Weak

    Wendy Davis did what she had to do--stand up against a male chauvinist legislature in Austin who felt they knew better than women as to how to treat a woman's body. Davis stood up for the rights of all women to get an abortion. The legislature may take up the anti-abortion bill in the future and get around Davis' maneuver. But at the time, what Davis did was what needed to be done. If she didn't stand up for those who are weak, who would?

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